It’s all gone wrong this week! Team Vitality soiled the bed sheets and dropped another place to 3rd. Fnatic vaulted from 3rd to 1st, bumping G2 down to second. Just like their NA counterparts, the last place team is no longer alone with UoL finally climbing a spot.


It’s still anyone’s game over in EU this Split. One again the top 3 have swapped around with Fnatic rocketing into 1st place over G2 and bumping Team Vitality down to 3rd.

4th place has now dropped to a 3 way tie with Giants, Splyce and Misfits all breaking even at 6W-6L each. Team Roccat failed to blast off though, losing both games and dropping to a tied 7th with FC Schalke 04 who went 1-1.

Unicorns of Love managed to find their groove. Picking up 2 wins they are finally clawing out of last place into a joint 9th alongside H2K who went 1-1.

Rank Team Results
1 FNatic 9W-3L
2 G2 8W-4L
3 Team Vitality 7W-5L
4 Giants 6W-6L
4 Splyce 6W-6L
4 Misfits 6W-6L
7 Roccat 5W-7L
7 FC Schalke 04 5W-7L
9 H2K 4W-8L
9 Unicorns of Love 4W-8L

It’s definitely and exciting time for the US LCS, results are still far from certain. Who are you rooting for? Let us know in the comments below!

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