The Dungeons & Dragons movie may finally have found its Dungeon Master in director Chris McKay.

It’s a project that’s faltered over the years, but a new movie adaptation of Dungeons & Dragons may have finally secured some solid foundations. Warner Bros. and DC Comics fans will already be watching the next steps of Chris McKay very closely, as he tries to get his much anticipated Nightwing movie off the ground. But for now, it looks as though The LEGO Batman director will be taking somewhat of a gamble by entering into negotiations to direct D&D, which is set to be the first release of newly formed Allspark Pictures, a partnership between Hasbro & Paramount.

Michael Gilio has already penned the script to the project, and if reports in Variety are to be believed, McKay will be the one tasked with bringing it to life on the big screen. Gilio’s previous projects include 2001 comedy Kwik Stop, some writing on Jolene, and scripts for unmade productions The Raven and Bitterroot (yeah, we have no clue either). So right now the tone that the film may be going for is a bit of a mystery. McKay himself is also somewhat of an unknown, with his most notable work as editor on the first LEGO movie, and then director of LEGO Batman.

New Line did release an ill-fated adaptation of the beloved table-top game back in 2000, starring Jeremy Irons. That movie was definitely dud with audiences and critics alike though. Since then Dungeons & Dragons has become the subject of many legal battles over the years, and following a 2015 settlement Warner Bros. was set to move forward with an adaptation starring Ansel Elgort. It’s since been confirmed that project is definitely dead though, so Paramount and Hasbro can produce their own adaptation under the Allspark Pictures name safe in the knowledge there will be no other studio versions.

Time will tell if McKay’s negotiations will become official. Either way, Dungeons & Dragons is definitely happening and is set for to be released on 23rd July 2021. Do you think this adaptation of the beloved game can be successful?

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