Abandon Ship! Put together your crew of scurvy sea dogs and weigh the anchor, because Fireblade Software today released Abandon Ship on Steam’s Early Access for $19.99/£14.99 with a tasty 15% discount at launch.

The new single-player game, inspired by the legends of the high seas and apparently naval oil paintings, will put players on their own ship to explore an exciting and dangerous world.

Abandon Ship promises a 10+ hour campaign even in early access, which you have to admit is pretty impressive and generous. The campaign promises to showcase game features such as ship upgrading, combat, and as expected exploration. Planned future updates for the game post-launch include more sidequests, a greater ship variety, and standalone stories to explore. Further details about these updates and the grand future of Abandon Ship can be found on Fireblade Software’s handy Early Access Roadmap.

Players can take the helm as they muster their crew and set sail across the dangerous, unforgiving oceans in a dynamic and diverse world. There is the promise of perilous encounters with other vessels that will require all your quick thinking to effectively manage weaponry, you crew placement and the repairs to keep your ship afloat. Even if your ship is destroyed, it isn’t Game Over for as long as the Captain is alive, they can always rebuild what was lost!

As you plunder your way through the world the loot gained from quests can be used to upgrade and improve your ship. It makes no difference if you chose to be a close-quarters fighter or a long-range sniper, you will be able to make a ship to fit the type of captain you want to be and forge your own legend of the sea.

Fireblade tells us that this world isn’t just an ‘oil-painting brought to life’. Explaining that as players explore they will be hunted by the Cult of Haliphron: a powerful, world-ending faction that wants to consume the world and bring you back into the fold. With fanatical cultists that don’t fear death and their fearsome Kraken at their disposal, they will always be in close pursuit and a constant threat so if you’re ready for adventure, peril, and glory, it’s time to master the seas of Abandon Ship!

Further features include

  • Tactical and Savage Combat. Each battle is hard-fought, always on the edge of defeat. Your only chance of overcoming the odds is to employ every advantage you can and utilize all the tools at your disposal.
  • Ship Destruction is not the End. Life in the world of Abandon Ship can be brutal. Death is permanent. But the game doesn’t end if your vessel is destroyed. You are the Captain, and as long as the Captain is alive, there is always hope. By escaping to a Lifeboat, or even being stranded, alone in the water, there is still a chance to survive and fight your way back to the top.
  • Explore a procedurally generated world from Tropics to Arctics. Engage in quests or deal with incidental events on your journey to save the world from a Doomsday Cult.
  • A Personal Adventure. Customise and upgrade your Captain, Ship, and Crew. Build yourself to be worthy of any foe, whether that be human or otherwise. But be prepared to make moment-to-moment life-or-death decisions for you and your crew.

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