Week 5 has the LCS running up to date on patch 8.3. Echo Fox are still top dog, continuing their dominance through week 5. 

With the completion of Week 5, all the teams have played each other at least once. We’re starting to see which teams are doing things right. Conversely, also who needs to change things up if they’re to see improved results before the end of the split.

Echo Fox are still dominating the NA LCS Spring Split, securing first place by taking now Cloud 9. Their aggressive play style still managing to secure the wins in convincing fashion.

Favorites from the start of the split, Team Liquid are tied for 3rd with Clutch Gaming. Despite managing to acquire their pick of contracts before any other teams during the off season, Team Liquid do not appear to have the cohesion to live up to expectations so far.

Unfortunately previous champions TSM are trailing with a negative win rate, tied for 6th with FlyQuest. CLG are fairing even worse tied in 8th with Optic Gaming.

Newcomers Golden Guardians are unfortunately living up to their solo queue acronym. Failing once again to pick up a win they are a solid last place. Although there is still time for a miracle, unless they can change things up it is already looking like its GG for the Golden Guardians.

Rank Team Results
1 Echo Fox 9W-1L
2 Cloud 9 8W-2L
3 Clutch Gaming 6W-4L
3 Team Liquid 6W-4L
5 100 Thieves 5W-5L
6 FlyQuest 4W-6L
6 TSM 4W-6L
8 Counter Logic Gaming 3W-7L
8 Optic Gaming 3W-7L
10 Golden Guardians 2W-8L


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