Things are much closer over in EU. Half way through the split and we still have a 3 way tie for 1st. With 4 weeks left the results are far from certain.

So far it looks like the EU rankings are far closer than their NA counterparts. The best win rate is 7W-3L, shared in the 3 way tie for first between G2, Team Vitality and Fnatic.

The middle of the pack sees a 4 way tie at 4th place. With the teams all sat even at 5W-5L any team could still take the lead.

Things are sadly not looking so good for FC Schalke 04, H2K and UoL or are trailing at 8th, 9th, and 10th respectively.

Rank Team Results
1 G2 7W-3L
1 Team Vitality 7W-3L
1 FNatic 7W-3L
4 Giants 5W-5L
4 Splyce 5W-5L
4 Misfits 5W-5L
4 Roccat 5W-5L
8 FC Schalke 04 4W-6L
9 H2K 3W-7L
10 Unicorns of Love 2W-8L


Results are looking far from certain as of right now. With each team having played the others at least once we will hopefully see some change in tactics to mix things up.

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