Fortnite Battle Royale The Floor is Lava is on it’s way to all platforms in the coming weeks and Fortnite is set to continue it’s streak of temporary game modes with Epic adding a total of five new modes within the next month and a further five Fortnite temporary game modes shortly after to follow Fortnite Battle Royale The Floor is Lava.

In their most recent Blog Post, Epic have been working away at the limited time modes, giving players multiple playlists to close from (solo, duo and squads). Epic have been using player feedback as well as other data points to tweak their existing Limited Time Modes and to build new ones for players to enjoy.

On the list of Fortnite’s temporary game modes is a reworked version of December’s 50v50 game mode and four completely new modes. Another of the upcoming LTMs is a mode which will reduce the size of the map by limiting your drop zone to the first circle.

Players can also expect to see a Blitz mode with shorter rounds and one with “team sizes between 50v50 and Squads”. Along with these, Epic have confirmed in a Blog Post including “The Floor is Lava” and a dozen or so Limited Time Modes. No details have really been given for The Floor is Lava, but if I were to guess, it’d involve the floor. Being Lava.

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