LCS pro play shifted to patch 8.2 this week. With changes to all the support items the Relic Shield meta has left bot lane. Echo Fox are no longer undefeated, but Golden Guardians have still yet to secure a win.

Week 3 now sees a 3 way tie for first place. Echo Fox finally dropped a game with a loss against CLG. They now hold a tie for first with Cloud 9 and Team Liquid, though still appear to be the strongest team so far.

100 Thieves managed to go even, winning against Clutch Gaming but losing out vs TSM.

Previous champions TSM and CLG finally appear to be find their feet, securing 2 wins each and bringing themselves even at 3W-3L each.

Clutch Gaming, Fly Quest and Optic Gaming went 0 for 2, as did Golden Guardians who have yet to secure a win.





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