The Superbowl is over for another year. One team won, and one team lost. Sports! Although the game itself may not go down as one of the greats (it may do, literally no clue), the sheer amount of teasers and trailers we were treated to was definitely great. 

2018 is due to be a huge year for huge movies, and the Superbowl spoiled us with plenty of teasers and trailers. Lets take a look at the biggest and best!

Avengers: Infinity War

Hype for the culmination of the MCU’s decade worth of world building is already at fever pitch, but the release of this 30-second teaser is still causing palpitations. Shots of various hero team-ups and brief glimpses of new footage don’t give too much away, but damn is this movie going to be epic. Also look closely, is that a Captain Marvel costume we see behind Cap 11 seconds in?!

Solo: A Star Wars Story

We’re still reeling from The Last Jedi’s polarising reviews and it’s already time to return to a galaxy far, far away. This movie has had some well publicised production issues, and fans were understandably nervous about that, along with having to wait until now for a first proper look at a film that’s only 3 months away from being released. All that being said, Solo is looking pretty great!

Mission: Impossible – Fallout

Tom ‘I do all my own stunts’ Cruise shows no signs of tiring in his sixth go round as Ethan Hunt. It looks like we’ll once again be treated to non-stop action and a fun as hell plot. All the regulars are back, as well as Henry Cavill with his now infamous stache looking pretty intimidating as he goes up against Hunt.


A genuinely beautiful look at season two of HBO’s Westworld. If you haven’t yet been sucked into the world of Hosts, multiple timelines and Antony Hopkins weird robot family, this trailer will likely be a bit lost on you. But for those in the know, you’re gonna want to see this.

Red Sparrow

As Marvel took so long not to make a Black Widow movie another studio have seemingly stepped up. Jennifer Lawrence looks great as the titular spy. The trailer hints at some great action sequences and a plot that will have plenty of twists and turns. Colour us intrigued!


Dwayne Johnson is absolutely bossing the box office, and his most recent blockbuster looks like it will be another fun thrill ride. Some have pointed out some similarities to one, Die Hard, but who cares?! The official poster for the movie has also sparked a hilarious debate on Twitter, as fans ask whether physics is on The Rock’s side in his death defying crane leap.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Jump scares a plenty in this new trailer from the franchise. Even if it’s terrible this one has the potential to give a generation of kids a complex about dino’s sneaking into their bedrooms. Annoying lack of Goldblum. though.

The Cloverfield Paradox

In a cool piece of marketing, this movie was made available on Netflix as soon as the trailer had aired. There are rumblings that this third installment is a bit underwhelming, but from what we see here it’s definitely worth a look!

So lots of awesome stuff coming our way this year! Which are you most excited about?

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