Endnight Games have confirmed that The Forest 1.0 release is coming this April on a Steam Community Forums post. The Forest came to Steam’s Early Access back in 2014 having numerous updates over the last four years.

When the The Forest 1.0 release comes around, Endnight games have confirmed that the price will increase from the current $14.99 to $19.99.

In the Steam Forums post, Endnight have confirmed that The Forest 1.0 release will have a collection of new features like improvements to official controller support, they are also adding new reasons to kill the cannibals that infest the forest. There will also be improvements to the player Cold and Warmth systems, including a new “Warm Suit”. Players will also be treated to new buildable items to help their chances of survival.

“we have some really crazy and fun surprises in store, especially regarding the ending and are really excited to see what people think”

As well as these new features, The Forest v1.0 launch will include big performance optimisation focusing on the late game, there will also be improvements to Mulitplayer save games and a collection of server improvements.

Endnight have also teased that they’ll be giving more details soon for The Forest VR game mode closer to the full release, although the level of VR support and if this will be included in the full release is currently unclear.

The Forest is a multiplayer survival horror game featuring creepy cannibal tribes, crafting and a plane crash. A lot of similar games launched in early access around the same time as The Forest, but for me, The Forest was just full of potential stories like defending our first hut below a cliff from encroaching cannibals and then majestically flying through the air because of an early bug.


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