As one of League of Legends oldest champions, Swain, The Master Tacticians long-awaited rework is almost here.

…and he is no longer The Master Tactician. As with a number of previous champion reworks, Riot have given Swain a brand new identity; The Noxian Grand General.

SwainWith League now entering it’s 9th year, Swain has been needing some love to bring him back to some form of relevancy in the constantly shifting meta. Both his visuals and his bird-based powers have now been updated.

With a more demonic theme and a less one-dimensional play style (you now have to do more than turn on the DoT’s and walk forward), he looks like he’ll be more satisfying to both play as or against. Players may lament the loss of Beatrice however, as his ever-present feathered companion is no longer the focus of his spells, or even in the game. RIP Bird.

The reworked Swain will be available when Patch 8.2 lands later this week, and you can check out the full details of his new kit, splash arts and abilities here


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