Business Tycoon is back but this time with a modern twist as Kasedo today announced that Rise of Industry, by Dapper Penguin Studios, will be hitting Early Access on 9th February 2018 for PC.

This announcement follows the games spell in early Alpha, which has proven successful and popular and saw Rise of Industry became the top selling game of 2017 on  and gathering an early, loyal community and was also voted into the top four realistic simulation games of 2017 on

“We’re so excited to finally be bringing Rise of Industry to Early Access after an amazing and very busy couple of years developing the game, pouring all of our talent, love and care” said Alex Mochi, CEO, Designer & Producer at Dapper Penguin Studios. “We want to hit the ground running in Early Access, and already having over 15000 people who have played the game means that we have been able to use their feedback to deliver the best game possible as we continue with development, making sure it ends up a genre classic”.

There is admittedly already a lot in the game, such as the sandbox and career modes with an updated development roadmap showing the sheer amount of planned additional content which will be coming during the Early Access phase and further beyond release. Modding has been mentioned plus massive multiplayer maps (post-release), full localisation in several languages and much more.

“There are many hours of challenging and extremely stable gameplay already in Rise of Industry and as the roadmap shows, we’ve got so much more to come with regular and sizeable updates coming throughout Early Access” continued Alex. “We’re always open to our community to answer any questions or address any feedback they may have and our Discord and social media channels continue to grow every day”

Designed with an eye towards both accessibility and depth, Rise of Industry has enough strategic complexity and replayability to satisfy the most experienced fans of the genre, while its simple-to-understand mechanics ensure that new players will love it as well.

The game features methods for you to specialise in just trading, production, gathering or any combination and research your way to bigger and better things. Use PR & Marketing to gain favour (or repair damage) with your business partners.

You’re able to choose from over 100 individual products and manage the manufacturing process from harvesting raw materials all the way to delivering the end product to local stores & townspeople. Build and manage a solid transportation network to enable the efficient transfer of goods via plentiful trucks, speedy trains and high capacity airships.

Be prepared for fierce competition – Advanced town and city A.I., make for an intelligent and changing game world so you won’t be the only one looking for the best deal.
Town personalities – adapt a suitable approach for every town or face their economic backlash.

Rise of Industry will enter Early Access on both Steam and GOG on Friday 9th February 2018 ($24.99, €22.99, £19.99).

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