The more things change, the more things stay the same in the Steam Charts this week. There are a few surprise additions though, my favourite being of the oppressive communist state variety!
10. Papers, Please

Glory to Arstotzka! You can now become a beauracritic border control officer for this wonderful, fictional Eastern Bloc state for the price of three postage stamps. I say “now”, but really you could have done this 5 years ago when the game was released. Still, it’s a gem that everyone should try out. Flex those paper pushing and stamping muscles because you’ll need em. At less than £2 you can’t argue, and the price tag is probably the reason its back in the Steam Charts.

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9. Divinity: Original Sin 2

So I’ve previously expressed my interest in this game, and it seems the Steam community are in the same mindset. I just wish I had the time. Oh, the pain of being a Dad gamer. There are way too many awesome but beefy games out at the minute, but so little time!

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8. Rocket League

Yep, It’s Rocket League again. No price change, no new content, just obnoxiously hanging around, smug. I’d say go buy this game if you haven’t already as it’s a must-own (it really is) but then I’d have to keep writing about it as it won’t seem to go away. So actually yeah, don’t buy it, please.

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7. Shadow Tactics: Blades of Shogun

Ever play those Commandos games in the late 90s? I remember them fondly but also remember how tough they were. Shadow Tactics is a love letter to that style of game. Though I love stealth games, I can’t say I’m particularly good at them. But if I’m going to suck at a stealth game, Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun is darn pretty one to hand my arse to me. Utilising a beautiful 2.5d art style and environments taken from the Edo era in Japan, it definitely looks very inviting. This came out mid-2017 but has snuck its way back into the charts with its pretty 50% discount.

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6. and 4. Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Greedily holding two places in the charts, Counter Strike: Global Offensive still lingers and I think will do for quite some time so long as it remains to be a professional Esports game. Streamed by many and played by even more, this game never strays far from Steam’s top 5 most played games for concurrent players. The reason for the two places in the charts is due to the re-appearance of the ELEAGUE 2018 Boston CS:GO Major Championship Mega Bundle which is there to support fan-favourite Esports teams.

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5. They Are Billions
Due to YouTube and Twitch success, this game is not yet out for the count. It’s doing particularly well for a niche genre of game. It is first and foremost a classic-style RTS but plays on the whole survival/ zombie-horde mechanic. Which makes for some very entertaining video footage to watch your favourite streamers play. I particularly like DansGaming streams of the game, which you can check out in his video history.  
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3. Slay The Spire

So I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a nerd. Not just one of those neo-nerds, who are almost considered to be cool these days. I mean a proper nerd, who likes Warhammer and Magic the Gathering sessions (shame). So it pleases me to see games like this one emerge into the Steam Charts. A deck building game where you see the actions of the cards you play come to life in hundreds of different possibilities. Pitting them against various challenges. Randomness, rogue-like, deck building, I’m in! This game has been out since November last year and I don’t recall it being in the charts, but the game recently did get a Korean localisation patch, so it could be getting some traffic from that part of the world now.

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2. Street Fighter V – Season 3 Character Pass

Interestingly, this doesn’t include the Street Fighter V base game. It is merely a DLC pack that includes 6 fighters along with some alternative costumes. It’s clearly piqued people’s interest though as it’s currently in the 2nd position at a whopping price of £24.99!

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And in a shocking turn of events and a major twist *** SPOILER ALERT *** PUBG remains top dog! The game has recently received a large update patch and is running smoother than ever since it’s 1.0 launch in December. Miramar is an amazing map and adds a whole new layer of gameplay to PUBG’s already deep and replayable playground.

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