Shooty Fruity is latest shooter for the Playstation VR. Combining addictive gameplay with cartoon humor, developer nDreams Ltd has created a highly enjoyable, but short experience.

Shooty Fruity is an action/shooter that combines the mundane tasks of working in a supermarket with fast paced gunplay. Think Job Simulator meets Time Crisis with a sprinkling of 60’s American pop culture and you’re half way there.

Shooty Fruity
You start your day in the break room, where you can access missions, weapons and change options.

The core of Shooty Fruity’s gameplay revolves around completing one of 3 supermarket tasks. Using the Move controllers you have to either scan groceries, load food onto canteen trays, and “bag” groceries by dropping them down the correct shoots. This sounds simple, except you also have to defend your workstation from an onslaught of mutant fruit. Thankfully there is an arsenal of satisfying weapons disposal to aid in your food massacre.

Shooty Fruity
Scanning at the checkout is the first task you have access to

When you first start you only have access to 2 guns and one mission. Completing the missions awards you “juice” the in game currency which you can use to purchase more weapons. Each mission has 3 challenges which earn you a Star when completed. The more stars you earn, the more missions you unlock and the more weapons you have access to buy.

Shooty Fruity
You can try out you weapons in the shooting range

Shooty Fruity’s guns are extremely fun to use. The usual array of video game weapons are available; from handguns and shotguns, through to machine guns and explosives. During each level a continually moving conveyor belt hangs above you for you to grab weapons from. Initially it only dispenses pistols, but the more of the mundane super market tasks you complete the more weapons unlock. The guns can’t be reloaded, and explode comically leaving you holding half a broken weapon once empty. This adds to the frantic action as you have to fling your broken weapons clear of your work area before grabbing a new one.

Shooty Fruity
Things quickly get hectic

Although it’s starts off easy enough, the difficulty curb spikes rapidly fairly early on. Past the first 6 or 7 levels you’ll suddenly find yourself being beaten to death by bouncing fruit before you can blink. This results in having to grind some of the mid levels multiple times to get enough stars and juice to unlock the best weapons.

Even with that though, most people will probably complete the game in 8-10 hours. Once you have completed the 24 levels and unlocked all the weapons there is little to bring you back for more. However for it’s $20 price tag, its worth every penny and is a must have for any VR experience.



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Shooty Fruity
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