Let’s take a look at the aftermath of the Steam Winter sale and see what goodies are now in store for us in the Top 10 Best-Sellers. The wallet-destroying season is nearly over, so do we now have a more sensible list of games on the chart? 
10. Human Fall Flat

How this little-indie physics platformer has managed to cling on to the tenth highest rung of the Epic Steam Charts Ladder defies logic. It looks pretty cool, but it came out in 2016. It had a Christmas Event, but so did every game. It must be getting traffic from somewhere, Twitch or YouTube perhaps?

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9. Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

A new entry in the Steam Charts, Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet as a Japanese Anime style Action RPG which is currently on pre-order and set to launch in Feb this year. Many would be forgiven, looking at the title, for thinking this is an MMO. When in fact this game series is based on a series of Japanese light novels that feature a sci-fi setting in the year 2022 where online gaming can be experienced with all of our five senses. A concept that’s gaining a lot of ground in Pop Culture of late. The game itself can be played Single Player or online co-operatively.

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8. Rocket League

Yep, It’s Rocket League again. No price change, no new content, just obnoxiously hanging around, smug. I’d say go buy this game if you haven’t already as it’s a must-own (it really is) but then I’d have to keep writing about it as it won’t seem to go away. So actually yeah, don’t buy it, please.

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7. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Another newcomer to the Steam charts. Counter-Strike is a new competitive FPS from that scarcely-known company, Valve. Two teams, the Terrorists (controversial, I know), and the (wait for it) Counter-Terrorists, battle it out in last-man-standing style matches. You get to earn money and buy better guns depending on how well you and your team do. I think a few people might play it on Steam. I’ve never heard of it.

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6. Divinity: Original Sin 2

I very nearly bought this one in the sale, despite it only being reduced by 10%. Everyone seems to love it. A deeply engaging story and characters, in a massive top-down world with seemingly endless possibilities, loot, dungeons and dialogue. Definitely my cup of tea but, argh, it’s January, I have no money, STOP IT!

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5. Total War: Warhammer 2 – Rise of the Tomb Kings

Because Orcs riding giant spiders, Vampire Counts flying terrifying zombie dragons, and rat-men creatures firing green lightning out of ridiculously oversized cannons weren’t enough. Mummies, giant Egyptian god avatars and harrowing man-sized scorpions are coming to the party with the Rise of the Tomb Kings. Why the hell not?

4. RimWorld

Yes! One of my current favourites in the Strategy genre, so I’m glad to see it getting yet even more attention. This is unlike any other strategy game I’ve ever played. The premise sounds very simple, you crash land on a planet with some randomly generated colonists, then try and locate some resources, build a base and survive. The colonists though have minds of their own based on numerous personality traits, preferences and skills, and will prefer to carry out certain tasks over others. The colonists are randomised each game, making for unique experiences each run, with often hilarious outcomes. For example, what better team to be stranded on an alien planet with than a mute soldier who likes to randomly set things on fire, a Pop Star who’s only skill is making wooden sculptures and an old man with dementia who loathes human contact but quite likes the local wildlife.

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Good name. Much better than “FAIRLY WARM”, which was Its development code name. This FPS totes a lovely minimalist visual style that focused your attention on the action. What’s awesome is time moves when you move, so you can stop moving, assess your surroundings and enemies, and plan your attack. Making this game not only a pure FPS experience but layers on top a nice little strategy element.

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2. They Are Billions

So I took the plunge and bought this game and I certainly don’t regret it. It’s addictive as hell and I fully understand why so many people are watching people play this on Twitch. The game is a challenge in it’s truest sense. It beats you down and lures you back, pushing you to be better at managing your base and resources, to survive that little bit longer against the zombie hordes. The fact it runs silky smooth with its often thousands of on-screen assets is a massive bonus, made possible by it’s simple but effective 2D visual style. It borrows heavily from the likes of Starcraft 2 in terms of its unit management and combat but throws in the modern trend of survival genre and horde mode games.

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