Following a successful first outing for the web-slinger as an MCU property, it’s emerged that Spider-man: Homecoming 2 will begin filming in June.

Last year Homecoming marked the third reboot of the franchise, and the first time Marvel had control over what to do with one of their most beloved characters. The casting of Tom Holland, along with a refreshing take on the story that didn’t feature the origins audiences had seen over and over, ensured the movie was a critical and commercial success.

Fans are understandably keen to see more of Spidey then, especially as trailers show it looks like his appearance in Avengers: Infinity War has scaled up considerably from fighting smaller neighbourhood crime. By the time this sequel comes around it will be interesting to see if Peter Parker is still as naïve and innocent as he has so far been, as it’s fair to say he will have seen some pretty intense stuff by this point. Not to mention potentially the traumatic loss of a certain genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist…father figure??

Other than the confirmation that throughout this trilogy Parker will remain a high school student, there’s not much more known about the sequel. Infinity War is just one of five more MCU movies that will debut before Homecoming 2 hits theatres, so the landscape of the universe as we know it will surely be a very different place next time.

With the success of the first standalone movie, Marvel and Sony have shown they are keen to not stray too far from the winning formula they’ve already created. Original director Jon Watts will be returning, as well as writing duo Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers. So however crazy, and potentially cosmic the MCU may be getting following Thanos’ incoming invasion, the studio will likely use the Spider-man franchise as an effective way to keep things grounded, which is no bad thing.

Homecoming 2 will take place directly after Avengers 4 and will look to begin principal photography on June 1st, with filming schedule to last until September. We’ll definitely be bringing you updates from the set when things get going!

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