Our Netflix Pick this week focuses on a Starz Original TV series full of drama, action, violence and adult themes. It is the longest series Starz have made with Curtis Jackson ’50 cent’ as an Executive Producer. PoweredOn’s present their Power review.

Although Power is not a Netflix Original, it is certainly a fan favourite and filling audiences all over the world with its drama, action, and suspense. This Power review reveals no spoilers. You’re in safe hands, unlike half the characters in Power.

Power Review


Power follows the life of James St Patrick, a wealthy New York nightclub owner who has everything. Fronting as a charming businessman for NYC’s whilst living the double life as a drug kingpin by the name of “Ghost”. Throughout the series and episodes, JSP experiences the highs and lows of juggling family life, an affair with an ex-girlfriend (who is also a federal lawyer trying to find “Ghost”), his psychotic partner in crime Tommy and the various other shady characters you pick up when drug-dealing.


Omari Hardwick – (Shot-Caller, The A-Team, Kick-Ass) plays James St Patrick/Ghost. Very cool, calm and collective but don’t cross him.

Power Review

Lela Loren – (The Hangover Part III, Snitch) plays Angela Valdes. James St Patrick’s ex-girlfriend from ‘the hood’ who is now a Federal Lawyer.

Naturi Naughton – (Fame, Notorious, Lottery Ticket) plays Tasha St Patrick, wife of Ghost and aware of his goings-on.

Joseph Sikora – (Jack Reacher, Shutter Island, Charlie Wilson’s War) plays Tommy Egan, the psychopathic criminal partner of Ghost.

Power Review


This was a show I felt I needed to see based on numerous friends of mine raving about it. Like any multi-series show, there are always dips in narrative and some questionable scenarios. But in terms of entertainment and raw gore, I actually found it fun and exciting for the majority. “Ghost” was a calm collective character and you found yourself being able to fear him and like him at the same time. “Tommy” was either a terrible actor OR an amazing one with his weird, quirky way of talking. I can’t really compare it to anything I’ve seen in a while. I would suggest that if you like shows like “Ballers” or “The Wire” then this is certainly one to watch. Overall, very good series, good endings and a storyline that isn’t too complicated, probably aimed at an audience who don’t want to think too much.

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