Game Swing have today revealed that their highly acclaimed ‘dodgebrawler’, Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure is coming soon to the Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo eShop in an exclusive Deluxe edition.

Stikbold is already available on Steam but the popular dodgeball mayhem creator is going to be ported to the Switch, This special deluxe edition is also going to be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch and contains improvements over the PC version so far.

Stikbold is billed as a crazy, fast-paced arcade dodgeball sports game that’s set firmly in a 70s voxel-inspired world. Centered on the competitive couch experience delivering ‘accessible fun gameplay in a colourful world full of quirky personalities’

According to Game Swing, the deluxe edition will have a max player count increased from 4 to 6, improved accessibility and a control system reworked for the Joy-Cons. Wheel of Rumpus – A new wacky game mode inspired by 70’s game shows and new fun with quirky cosmetic rewards and hilariously unfair madness.

Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure Deluxe is coming to Nintendo eShop and will launch with a limited deal of 20% discount the first 14 days. Releasing Dec 29 in Europe at €19.9 and Jan 4th in the US at $19.99.


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