It’s beginning to look a lot like Steam Winter sale time. One more day to go in fact. So on this eve of the Steam Wallet slaughter-fest, what are the top games getting everyone’s attention according to the Steam Charts?

10. and 3. Counterstrike: Global Offensive

Globalstrike: Counter Offensive, a new sci-fi themed expansion CS: GO is here. Nope, sorry I lied. This game is still just that popular without any new bonus content, patches or events of late. Yes there’s not been any major gaming releases this week which will have helped matters for CS:GO. But it goes to show how massively successful this shooter remains to be, and only ever gets more popular through the growing world of e-sports. In 3rd place is the Boston Major CS:GO Bungle which adds a bunch of stickers and graffiti to your game, but also helps support the players taking part in the tournament.

Steam Games9. and 2. Grand Theft Auto V & Great White Shark Cash Card

Still riding on high on the popularity of the Doomsday Heist Patch, this game refuses to leave the Top 10. Of course, you don’t just get to join GTA V as a complete noob and have enough cash to purchase yourself a flying car. This is where the Shark Cash Cards come in. This entry on steam nets you the base game and $1.25 million in-game currency (Great White Shark Cash Card) for £27.99. The base game without the cash card sits at number 2 in the Steam Charts.

Steam Games8. Black Desert Online

Hugely popular Korean Living-World MMO, Black Desert Online, is back in the Top 10. I think what may be drawing people to its expansive online world is the low price tag (currently £6.99). The game isn’t exactly winning a lot of awards and getting a tonne of the press so I can’t see exactly why it’s in the 8th spot. User reviews seem to praise the game, but all agree on one thing, it has one hell of a grind.

Steam Game7. Bridge Constructor Portal

If you’re a fan of the original Bridge Constructor games, this looks like a must-have, especially if you also love Portal. Even if you don’t even know what Portal is, this looks like it really mixes up the Bridge Constructor formula and chucks in a tonne of new gameplay mechanics. Teleporting trucks through traps, ramps and forcefields does look like a blast, if you’re into puzzler mind.

Steam Games6. Rocket League

Rocket-fuelled and so fun to play, this game is not going away. Ergh, bad rhyme. Again, no major patches, content or price drops and this game from 2015 still stays close to the top. Testament to how accessible the game is, and at a reasonable price.

Steam Games5. Total War: WARHAMMER II – Rise Of The Tomb Kings

I’m particularly excited about this addition to the store. A very nice trailer for this dropped yesterday which inevitably would cause a spike in sales. People dig a Total War game set in the “Old World” Warhammer universe. This new style has taken the age-old RTS, rolled it over and given it a good tickle on its belly. And now the critically acclaimed sequel is getting it’s first major expansion, bringing with it the Tomb Kings race. Just check this trailer to see what the fuss is about.

Steam Games4. They Are Billions

Since I last posted about this game on the Steam Charts, it has gained about 1000 new user reviews and remains in the “Very Positive” category. It’s easy to see why. For an Early Access title, this game looks like it has a lot of polish and quite a unique take on the RTS genre (discounting certain Warcraft III and Starcraft II mods out there).



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Steam Games

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