So most of us at PoweredOn and the world over are in agreement that PUBG Xbox One edition is a potentially great game which currently plays terribly.

The game is plagued with Lag, crashes, incomplete texture loadout, HUD glitches, falling through the map to name but a few of the issues we’re seeing.

Up until this point we’d only had a smattering of “lip service” tweets from Bluehole about the issues but it seems they’ve finally pulled their collective fingers out of their arses and made some improvements.

The patch is a whopping 4.7Gb which is almost bigger than the original game file which weighed in at just 5.2Gb

The patch notes are below, brew a pot of coffee and have a read while your update downloads.


  • Gas can now be used while on bike or bike with sidecar


  • Equipment icons on HUD will now be visible 
  • Player icon is now more clearly visible on the world map 
  • UI prompts now appear when reload and enter a vehicle options are present 
  • Character 
  • Tweaked hair color options


  • Cleaned up sidecar passenger animations in first person view 
  • Fixed player camera issues while a passenger on the backseat of a Buggy 
  • Addressed arm animations specific to holding some weapons 
  • Character now correctly faces the proper direction when stopping while swimming


  • First pass visual and performance improvements 
  • Slightly improved anti-aliasing on Xbox One and Xbox One S 
  • Localization updates for Vietnamese, Spanish,(Spain/Mexico) 
  • Controls on motorcycle no longer inverted 
  • Keyboard functionality is disabled

Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed instances of player nametags not properly displaying in the lobby during Squad and Duo play 
  • Fixed minor animation while crouching and prone 
  • Fixed issues where curtains on windows block line of sight of players in the TPP mode 
  • Fixed an issue where when Squad leader left the party, voice chat ceased to function as intended 
  • Fixed issue where players could lean out of vehicles even when obstructed 
  • Fixed collision of cardboard boxes in Yasnaya city 
  • Fixed typo in the controller guide 
  • Other minor fixes
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