The latest DLC for Planet Coaster boasts three new rides, special effects and hundreds of new scenery items. 

The Adventure Pack follows Frontier Development’s celebration of Planet Coaster being one-year-old last month. For the game’s anniversary, the developers released a massive free update bringing a Scenario Editor, a new staff-building, some new rides and new autumn-themed scenery.

Carrying on the tradition of this developer truly being awesome and generous to its fans; it really feels like these guys can’t do enough to please. I for one have been delving into and out of this game for months, taking a peek at some of the new free stuff that’s been added and tinkering around with it. Occasionally checking out some of the user-made coasters and buildings. Some of it staggeringly detailed.

The paid DLC brings a host of new content, mainly a new visual theme. Styled around ancient Egypt and “adventuring” so expect steam-boats, mummies, snakes and Indiana Jones-style temple chases with rolling boulders.

There are also three new rides to boot. Frontier Developments describes Gold Fever as a family ride wherein park attendees scoot around in gold mine carts within “the rich mountains of South America”.

Taking a more chilled out approach is Island Adventure. A boat ride that’s inspired by the steamers of the 1930s; while Land Ahoy is the litter sister of Island Adventure “but with the added benefit of not requiring a body of water”.

Planet CoasterMan, I wish I had more time to sink into this game. But I’ll look forward to the new lease of life the user made creations will get with this new content and maybe even steal some for my own parks.

Check out what’s new in full via this Steam Community update.

Planet Coaster’s Adventure Pack is out now and costs £7.99/your regional equivalent from Steam or the Frontier Store.

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