So after all the hype, waiting and sitting frustrated that our PC gaming counterparts were having all the fun, we finally have PUBG Xbox One Edition.

It’s important to remember that this game is early access and is still in development therefor game play tweaks, patches and various additions are to be expected– But you wouldn’t sell a blob of dough and call it bread, right?

I am playing the game on an original Xbox One in standard 1080p and from the second the menu loads the game feels laggy, the menu doesn’t immediately respond to inputs and the character customisation screen is bizarre– Not allowing the player to actually see any of the faces, hair or genders before committing to their look. (at 3000bp to make any changes, its a fairly expensive mistake to make early on if you press A by accident)

So into a game we go, with Solo, Duo and Squads available.

The Lobby is fairly fun, you can just run around causing havoc, finding the player with a ginger afro and repeatedly punching them in the balls while yelling “STOP HITTING YOURSELF” over and over.

The frame rates while in the plane are shocking, this can be observed by how jittery the map is when at full altitude– the textures are insanely slow to load in on the Xbox One version too.

The render rates are slightly improved on the Xbox One X and very rarely are textures failing to load in– But how many players have an X yet?

For a game that runs on the Unreal Engine– there’s some MAJOR work to be done in optimising it for the Xbox hardware, something I am hopeful Bluehole will prioritise as the game in its current state is a laggy, poorly crafted half arsed joke.

There’s significant server lag which i’d put down to overloading, but if that’s indeed the case a Fortnite style Queuing system needs to be implemented to ease load on the servers.

So that’s the negative out of the way, onto the positives.

All of the positives about this game are directly related to the vision and concept of the devs, not the implementation of the game.

The controller setup is fantastic, I was sceptical about how the layout would function when it was first released but it works So. Damn. Well.

The inventory system is polished, well laid out and very easy to get to grips with, adding and removing gun attachments can be done on the fly, sometimes even while in cover during a battle, its that simple.

There are a nice selection of weapons available, all with attachments to make them perform better (extended mags, various sights, scopes, grips etc) and they are in fairly large supply.

Armour and clothing is also highly important, if you can get your hands on a Ghillie Suit you can pretty much lay in a field in the middle of the circle and pick fools off as they run past you completely oblivious to your presence.

Vehicles are a major drawing point, having duels while riding around in a Jeep is so much fun and definitely breaks up the monotony of having lost multiple games in a row with having a bit of a piss about– running someone over at full pelt as they helplessly run through a field of corn is great fun.

The game reaches such high levels of intensity as the circle draws in and it makes for some epic finale’s– cover is of the utmost importance as it remembering to manually reload your weapon or switch weapons in that final shootout.

I’ve had this discussion with a few people and the conclusion is that this game should NOT have been rushed to market for a Christmas Cash-In– Its so broken from a technical standpoint that I would imagine there’s a lot of disappointed gamer’s out there- even the most understanding ones who understand that Early Access is there for a reason, This is just way too early.

Solid concept, Shoddy craftsmanship

The game has a lot of promise but it currently held back by technical issues, it requires a massive optimisation overhaul and real utilisation of the Unreal engine which I’m confident we’ll see in the future if Bluehole want any sort of success in th

For now I will flick between this and Fortnite, which offers a much more polished, fast paced shooter, even though I do prefer the tactical approach of PUBG.

We’ll provide another review when the first patch drops to see if any of the long list of issues have been resolved.

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