Winter is coming… The winter Steam Sale that is. Hold on to your wallets as they are going to take a beating. But before then, let’s see how the Steam Charts look in the calm before the storm. 

10. Grand Theft Auto V

This was expected to stay in the Steam Top 10. GTA V just got a major update involving a massive new heist, game modes, vehicles and a whole bunch of other stuff. The Doomsday Heist looks like a throwback to 80s ridiculousness and it looks great. When I’ve stopped ploughing through Destiny 2 I think I’m going to jump back on this game for a bit for some evenings of pure chaos.

9. ARK: Survival Evolved Explorers Edition

Now I’ve not played ARK: Survival Evolved myself but what I gather from the wealth of reviews out there, it’s a pretty polarizing game. Many are saying, on the one hand, it’s beautiful, expansive and has tonnes of stuff to do. Oh, and you can tame and ride a T-Rex! On the other hand, many people claim it’s a repetitive, grindy and formulaic survival game in the vein of Minecraft or Rust, but with far more bugs and optimization issues. These feelings aside, it finds itself back in the Top 10 which I imagine being due to the release of it’s second expansion. More on that later.

8. Okami HD

Something else I really need to get round to playing, and I’ve not even played the original. Shame on me! This is the HD remaster of a beloved PS2 classic, a game that one IGN’s 2006 Game of the Year despite poor sales. You play as a Shinto Sun Goddess who takes the form of a white wolf and go off on an adventure featuring action-RPG and platforming gameplay. Many players liken it to The Legend of Zelda series. Honestly, not quite sure how I haven’t played this game yet.


7. Fallout 4 VR

I finally get to open a Nuka Cola bottle with my pretend in-game hands and mouth. I never thought I’d see the day. If you are a lucky owner of a decent PC VR headset then I’m sure this game will be an amazing distraction to see you to the new year, if you’re a bit too motion sick with Doom VFR. Steam

6.Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six® Siege – Season Pass Year 3

Operation: White Noise landed free for all Rainbow Six Siege players last week, which propelled this game back into the Top 10. This grew the player base significantly. So of course now is the perfect time for Ubisoft to plug their next season pass for their 3rd year of DLC.

5. They Are Billions

Steampunk, Victorian Architecture, RTS, Zombies! I’m sold. This game has just recently gone into early access, and with a lack of any other major releases this week (apart from Okami HD), it has done the game’s sales some favours.

4. Rocket League®

I’m starting to sound like a broken record now, but seriously, long live Rocket League. Coincidentally this game remains in 4th place, no change from last week. How does it do it? Potentially it is to do with the new patch that launched today but it doesn’t boast any major new content. Feel free to share in comments any theories on why this game is hanging about.

3. ARK: Survival Evolved Season Pass

As explained above, we’ve seen a resurgence of ARK content in the Top 10, likely due to the release of the latest expansion pack. This particular strain of Dinosaur Tomfoolery is the Season Pass that nets you access to all DLC (currently two expansions and two more to come down the line).

2. ARK: Aberration – Expansion pack

The culprit behind a spike in ARK: Survival Evolved sales. This expansion has been teased all year and was originally slated for October release and then got pushed back to December. Fan’s have been eagerly awaiting this one. It adds a whole new map/ biome to the game featuring brand new dinosaurs/ monsters that have mutated and become radioactive. Players will have to deal with a much more harsh environment than experienced in other “ARKS”, but will also have access to construct new gear.



Mmm, Chicken. Reckon they will change the winning message around Christmas to include Turkey? Perhaps even some pigs in blankets.


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