This week, our Netflix Pick focuses on ‘The Good Place’. A fantasy comedy based on the idea of a Heaven and Hell scenario, but with a light-hearted theme. If you enjoy the ‘chick flick’ genre, it might be worth reading The Good Place review. 

If you are a fan of Netflix shows like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt or even Orange is the New Black, this The Good Place review might be worth a minute of your time if you’re looking for a new show to fill the humourous void that gets left when we finish a show. Now ‘The Good Place’ isn’t really a show I would choose to watch, but sometimes when you have a wife that enjoys spending time with you, you have to make the sacrifice.

The Good Place Review


‘The Good Place’ is an American, fantasy-comedy television series created by Michael Schur. The story focuses on the idea of the ‘afterlife’ and where we go when ‘it’ happens. We follow the main character Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell) who wakes up in ‘The Good Place’ where she finds out about her new life in the afterlife. Eleanor becomes aware that only the best-behaved people who have ever lived end up in this heavenly place, which she is far from being. What has happened for her to end up here? Hilarity unravels itself in this light-hearted view of what happens when we kick the bucket.

The Good Place Review


Kristen Bell – (Frozen, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Bad Moms) plays Eleanor Shellstrop, the ill-behaved, selfish slacker who is mistakenly put in ‘The Good Place’.

Ted Danson – (Cheers, CSI, 3 Men, and a Little Lady) plays Michael, the ‘architect’ who is in charge of ‘The Good Place’.

Michael Jackson Harper (They Remain, True Story) plays Eleanor’s indecisive, ethically correct soul mate who is matched up with her in ‘The Good Place’.

Jameela Jamil (BBC Radio Presenter) plays Tahani Al-Jamil in her first ever acting role as a high-maintenance socialite who lives next door to Eleanor.

Manny Jacinto (Even Lambs have Teeth, The Romeo Section) plays Jianyu Li, Tahani’s soul-mate who has taken a vow of silence since the age of 8 and continues to do so in ‘The Good Place’.

The Good Place Review

The Good Place Review

I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed the humour, original concept and the narrative within. The characters are all different and the comedy aspect isn’t ‘canned American’ style. It’s nice to see Ted Danson in a ‘fun’ role and looking like a ‘silver fox’ according to my wife. If you enjoyed Brooklyn Nine-Nine for its crude jokes and excellently timed comedy, it’s worth watching. The Good Place isn’t over the top with sexual innuendo’s and at 23 minutes per episode with only 10 episodes a season, you can get through it quickly and easily without worrying about spending so much time on a show you will end up disliking. It’s worth a go!

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