North America triumphed over Brazil in the first game of the 2017 League of Legends All-Stars.

Stars from North America’s LCS faced off against the top talent from Brazils CBLOL. NA beat BR in a 33 minute game. The lineup and draft picks were;

NA All-Stars

  • Hauntzer – Shen
  • MikeYeung – Jarvan IV
  • Bjergsen – Zoe
  • Sneaky – Varus
  • aphromoo – Tahm Kench

CB LOL All-Stars

  • VVvert – Gnar
  • Revolta – Sejuani
  • Kami – Malzahar
  • TT – Jhin
  • Dioud – Thresh

NA’s squad brought the excitement right from the get go in champ select, with mid-laner Bjergsen picking up brand new champion Zoe. Zoe is extremely strong in the current state of the game, with the analysts expecting her to be banned out in almost every game.

The action came thick and fast. NA’s Hauntzer secured first blood at 2:30 in a 1v1 in top lane against VVert.

As laning phase shifted into the mid-game, the high poke combination of Sneaky’s Varus and Bjergsens Zoe was too strong for the Brazilian squad to defend against. Unable to stop the North American team from snowballing, a 31 minute Baron secure by the American Team allowed them to close out the game in a decisive 33 minute victory.

The final kill score was 20 to 3, with North America picking up 2 dragons, and Brazil only taking down a single tower.

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