Few indie games come with the pedigree that Kynseed has running through its veins, being developed by members of the team that created the iconic Fable series and the world of Albion, Kynseed looks to build on the best elements of its spiritual predecessor.

PixelCount Studios formed to create Kynseed, using their combined 25-years experience to develop a 2D sandbox adventure game that they say will deliver an all-new ‘quirky RPG filled to the brim with mystery, exploration, awful puns, and sandbox possibilities,’

PixelCount openly claims to be invoking the spirit of the past, much-loved Fable games, this new RPG shows a mix of British folklore, ancient legends, and rustic traditions. It also keeps the fantasy to a minimum, wanting to forge its own identity and not be constantly compared to Fable, which had more than it’s fair share of Fantasy elements across the series before it’s untimely demise.

In Kynseed you are free to spend your time out in the world of Quill adventuring, or if you fancy a change of pace you can get down to some farming and the raising of your family There is also the possibility to run your own tavern (which sounds the most appealing to me) and other establishments in the game world.

Every person you meet on your travels will remember what your actions or your missteps. This will lead not only to dynamic relationships but replayability being able to replay events in different ways and experiment with the outcomes of each situation in differing combinations.

You can venture into the darker, less travelled areas of Quill if you feel the urge to battle those aforementioned downtoned monsters and folktale creatures. In Kynseed seasons pass and living, things will grow old and die which is one of the most appealing features of Kynseed, you partake in a living, breathing and ever-changing world. This feat of a dynamic game world is worthy of rivalling any of those that have come before it, for an upstart studio it’s even more impressive. Even NPC’s will pass on and be replaced by younger generations, it’s a remarkable mechanic and one that makes Kynseed such an undeniable pleasure.

Tapping into the vein of games such as Harvest Moon, your character has grown up on the perfect, idyllic farm in The Vale. In time, you will meet the mysterious Mr Fairweather, who offers you a mystical acorn called the Kynseed. Once planted, this enchanted acorn will grow into a magical family tree. It’s not quite as perfect as it seems however, there is a price. When you die of old age yourself, you will pass on your family tree’s Kynseed to your children so that they can then continue your bloodline and shape their own legacy once you’re gone.

Kynseed asks, ‘Will your name be carved on the walls of history or scrawled on the walls of the pub outhouse?’

I had the privilege of playing a very early build of Kynseed and even back then it’s very early days it was obvious that you were playing something special, a game that is taking its time to ensure that when it’s fully matured it will be the complete package. Something indie devs can capitalise on is taking time to polish their game and it seems that for PixeCount this is something they are very keen to do. Whilst funding a project such as this can prove trying it’s clear that with enough passion for the project you can build a community around you that will take you where you want to go and help release your vision. If you know the history of the early Fable games then it’s not hard to see where some lessons were learned when it comes to ensuring your product is complete, and that’s not to take anything away from the work Lionhead Studios did.

“Few people understand what made Fable’s Albion so special to players. These guys know. They made it.” – Dene Carter (Creator of Fable)

You can check out Kynseed on their Kickstarter page and download the Windows prototype to test out for yourself and learn more about the features. As it stands there is clear full release date or indication that we can see of an early access program but all good things come to those who wait and Kynseed is definitely something worth waiting for.




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