It seems what many Game of Thrones fans feared has finally been confirmed, we won’t be returning to Westeros until 2019.

Many rumours have been circulating since the dramatic end of Season 7 that the final season of Game of Thrones wouldn’t be coming back for some time, and Sophie Turner, who plays (rightful heir to Winterfell and the North) Sansa Stark in the show, seems to have confirmed just that.

Turner was speaking to Variety about her other projects, including X-Men: Dark Phoenix, where she plays the younger version of Jean Grey – and when asked about the show, replied “Game of Thrones comes out in 2019”.

Game of Thrones
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Although there’s some debate as to whether the actress’ statement was an accidental spoiler or intended, it seems like she was being pretty matter of fact about the situation. If it’s the truth it wouldn’t be too surprising, as there have been murmurings that HBO might not be able to finish the show’s Season 8 in time for a 2018 release date. Back in Summer, the company’s head of programming Casey Bloys seemed to be hinting about the delay, but didn’t confirm anything.

Whatever the reality of the situation is, HBO and everyone involved will want to make sure nothing is rushed, as Season 7 of the show was its biggest yet, with ratings records being broken week after week. Along with that finale, anticipation is huge for what comes next for the major characters, especially with the looming threat of the Night King and White Walkers. But with the way things are going, it looks like it will take two years before we get the final six feature length episodes that will seal the fate of the show’s game players.

If it means the show comes back in the strongest way possible though, with solid writing, action and performances, then take as long as you need, HBO. Lets just make sure this epic series gets the send off its so brilliantly worked towards over the last few years.

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