Krafted Games, an independent game development studio based in Cape Town, South Africa have just opened early access to their new project, Polygod, which they promise to be punishing. 

Billed as a rouge like FPS with a ‘brutal’ learning curve, Polygod uses a minimalist style and randomly generated levels. Krafted boasts epic boss fights with arena-shooter style online multiplayer/co-op modes.

You play the assassin known simply as “Faceless the Blessed”.  According to Krafted, you must battle minions of malignant Gods and their champions in a twisted contest known as the Trial of the Gods. Each level is randomly generated and features successive ‘Altars of Worship’ where you exchange your harvested Souls to redeem Blessings.

In the PolyGod universe, death is necessarily permanent but with each new game comes a unique first-time experience.

POLYGOD has been designed for hardcore gamers who love challenging game experiences like Binding of Isaac, Dark Souls and Cuphead,” commented Dominic Obojkovits, co-founder, Lead Designer & Programmer at Krafted Games. “With a different gameplay experience every time, the randomly generated levels will challenge even the most hardcore of the hardcore! We’ve implemented an unexpectedly deep level of weapon customisation and progression within the gameplay and believe gamers will find elements to keep them coming back for just one more run, over and over again!


It promises to push gamers to their limits, inducing replay after replay until you get that level nailed finally only to go through the entire process again on the next stage. This will not be a game for the impatient, instead, Polygod will take time, determination and precision to execute.

Reception of the early builds has been positive thanks to its distinctive style and solid gameplay mechanics, earning it a Very Positive review on Steam so far.

Features include,

  • Infinite level possibilities – maps are randomly generated and seeded providing a tonne of replayability, but then shareable among friends in order to encourage competition with full leaderboard support
  • Brutal Difficulty curve – Only the most skilled gamers will ascend to Godhood…
  • Online co-op and versus multiplayer – Allows for competitive fun to be had among friends featuring daily leaderboards
  • Skill-based gameplay – Built upon a principle that if one lacks skill, it can be substituted for strategy and vice versa. Eg. unskilled strategic players will be just as good as skilful nonstrategic players.
  • Unique ‘Blessings’ based weapon customisation system – Combine and stack ‘blessings’ to create hundreds of thousands of unique weapons, blessings combine to give a high level of depth. Deep understanding is required to fully utilise the blessing system which in turn gives a high replay value
  • Classic FPS controls – POLYGOD’s controls are reminiscent of Quake 3 and the original Doom, bringing a classic gameplay vibe back having been absent since the 90’s!
  • Super fast paced and addictive – requires hundreds of hours to master, a speed-runner/hardcore gamer’s dream

Polygod is also due for launch on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, as well as full launch on Steam for PC and, will launch worldwide in early 2018 for £16.19 / $14.99 / €16.59.

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