Sea of Thieves, one of the most hotly anticipated titles coming to Xbox and PC will be in attendance at this year’s Game Awards which takes place later this week.

Aaron Greenberg, Xbox marketing manager said during an Extra Life livestream in recent days that their pirate multiplayer game will be shown during the awards show, which takes place Thursday, December 7.

Sea of Thieves was supposed to launch on Xbox One and PC at some point this year, but sadly during this years, E3 show the Microsoft mothership announced that the project was pushed back to 2018. Ever since it was announced the game has caught the attention of gamers everywhere, with each video, announcement and tidbit of news being lapped up. It’s going to be interesting to see whats on offer at the Game Awards.

The awards as mentioned will take place on the evening of December 7th and it is fully expected that more announcements will be made and brand new trailers will be screened.

You can see a full roundup of all the categories and nominees in our preview post.


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