With the launch of Overwatch’s own e-sports league, there was rumours and discussion about whether or not e-sports themed skins and other cosmetics would appear in loot boxes, now that’s finally been addressed and answered.

Overwatch League skins will soon be available for all heroes but what’s a little different about them is that they will be purchasable with Overwatch League ‘tokens’. This will be a separate in-game currency that Blizzard claim will ensure that League-based revenue is properly distributed among the teams competing, which is actually a really great idea. Like e-sports or not, you can’t argue with a dev and publisher treating it’s players fairly.

The token system will be implemented for all OWL-related in-game loot, with those players that log into the game within the first month of the League’s launch will be given enough tokens to buy their first skin for nothing, which again is pretty damn cool of them considering these token will help pay salaries and Overwatch has a massive player base that will likely take advantage of the free token offer.

Overwatch League commissioner, Nate Nanzer when speaking on the subject didn’t go into detail about the token pricing, so what seems like a cool system now could still turn sour, but hopefully not as the Overwatch League is an exciting project.

Also unveiled of course were the all-important OWL team skins themselves and you can see them in the below image put together by Redditor fireyREIGN

You can also check out all the team reveals in this handy playlist 


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