The launch trailer for Destiny 2’s first Expansion, Curse of Osiris, has just dropped ahead of the release tomorrow across all platforms. 
In an unusual move for Bungie, they have shown off sections of their new raid “Eater of Worlds”, which I’ve decided will be the name of my gourmet burger restaurant chain should I decide to open one. Previous fan criticisms have pointed out that Bungie rarely put out previews of new Raids or Strikes prior to release. The raid looks to be set on the Leviathan ( the end game section Destiny 2), but visually looks pretty different to the raid that is out currently.

The trailer also shows a host of new content including new story elements, Crucible maps and new strikes. The trailer also showed off new cosmetics like custom Ghost shells and new ship models that will be coming alongside season two of Destiny 2, which launches at the same time the expansion does.

Curse of Osiris can be pre-loaded starting shortly before a maintenance window concludes. Once the maintenance ends, the expansion will be available to play.

This is all very weird for me being as i’m playing it on PC and the game only came out for me a month ago. This is one of the quickest DLC drops I’ve ever witnessed. However Destiny 2 has been out on other platforms since beginning of September, so not so odd to the console players out there. Let’s see if it’s a goodun!

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