Geostorm Review – Hilariously Awful

As my wife is a fan of these cheesy disaster movies and often gets to choose what film we watch together, we both decided to give Geostorm a go, which means she decided it and I went along for the ride. On a side note, she fell asleep half an hour in. So here is my take on the hilariously awful, Geostorm Review.

Geostorm Review
“Stubborn yet charming” apparently

Geostorm Plot

In a nutshell, the weather is controlled by satellites and an international space station that was built by Gerard Butler. Gerard gets fired, the weather satellite thingy goes out of control, he’s brought back in in a race against the clock, of course, to find out who is the bad person/persons who used the weather to kill millions of people.

Geostorm Cast

Gerard Butler (300, Law Abiding Citizen, Olympus Has Fallen) plays a stubborn but charming satellite designer, that’s the actual description I have read. Gerard also plays an American which an accent like he’s been living in Scotland for 30 years and acts like he’s regretting this decision to star in Geostorm, whose character is called Jake Lawson.

Jim Sturgess (21, The Way Back, an episode of Touch of Frost) plays an American with a much better American accent than his stubborn yet charming brother, although born in the UK.

Ed Harris (The Rock, The Way Back, Gravity) plays a character who is rarely in the film unless it’s to state plot points and be all serious.

Andy Garcia (Oceans 12, Smokin’ Aces, Beverly Hill Chihuahua) plays the President. He’s certainly no Morgan Freeman from Deep Impact. Same as Ed Harris, in it for about 20 minutes collectively.

Geostorm Review
I wonder if they even read the script before signing up?

Geostorm Cast

Hilariously awful, like I said before. Full of cliché’s which I expected and annoyingly couldn’t even compare it to the charming 2012 or even San Andreas. I would suggest never watching this unless it’s to make a review to warn people not to watch it. I expected it to be bad, but not this bad. Another reason, often in disaster movies you get a plot summary and the science trying to prove it COULD happen. Unfortunately, this doesn’t even explore that avenue and you’re supposed to just enjoy the ride. Awful film.

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