Simulator games have enjoyed a resurgence of popularity in recent years, with Farm Simulator taking off seemingly out of nowhere and the excellent Euro and American Truck sims also lending more mainstream light to the often skewed view of the genre. 

Government Simulator looks to ride this wave of interest and add a more detailed and serious game to the mix. Developed by indie studio Ambiera, based out of Austria and known for its game development tech like the CopperCube game engine, they describe Government Simulator as ‘A simple economic and political simulation game. Take control of a whole country, like the USA, Germany, France, Russia, or Austria. Change laws, taxes and budgets based on real-world statistics and data, and see what happens.’

The game is said to simulate an entire, living, functioning country: Population, debt, GDP, economic growth, unemployment levels, crime stats, life expectancy, birth rates, mortality rates, state of the infrastructure and a whole lot more. You, the player can adjust numerous budgets, juggle taxes, pass laws, and basically experiment with running a country and see what happens. Will you prosper or bring utter ruin to your people?

Ambiera also boasts that the game runs on real-world data, so everything is based on real-world values. Going as far to say that if you play as the United States, ‘the debt, income, expenditures, crime rate, unempolyment rate, etc. you start with is based on the actual, real values of the USA’.

As with any simulator worth its salt, there are multiple goals and objectives to meet which include but are not limited to slashing crime rates or meeting certain public health or education milestones. It’s the experimental ideas however that make Government Simulator interesting, imagine what you could do in the hot seat of some of the worlds largest and most powerful nations.

Who hasn’t played around with things on games like Civilisation? Just to see what happens, this is where Government Simulator could really hit its stride, it could be horrifying or hilarious to see what players will do when charged with the ultimate power and should appeal to both serious sim players, fans of the aforementioned Civilisation and other ‘god games’ and those who are looking to play around and wreak some havoc.

We’re also promised that you can make changes such as introducing censorship laws, compulsory military service, cash bans, or universal basic income. Of course, hand in hand with this are military options, the option to make war with any country in the world and adjust its ‘operation mode’ while the conflict rages, nuclear options are also present if things get really crazy.

The game also includes a media and public relations system and the ability to try and influence the media with PR stunts and interviews. At launch, we’re told you can play as the USA, Germany, Russia, France, and Austria. There are according to Ambiera additional countries and more scenarios which can be downloaded, however at this time we don’t know if these will be free or in the form of DLC.

Another interesting option is that to create new countries and scenarios on your own and share them with others. Some examples offered by the devs include turning the US into a dictatorship or a social paradise, start a war with Canada or turn Russia into a capitalist utopia. Basically anything thing you can think of in a political sense can be and will be done in Government Simulator.

Government Simulator releases on Steam on December 4th!



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