PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Desert Map is due to make an appearance at the The Game Awards next Thursday (7 December).

All we’ve had up to this point are some pretty screenshots, teasing us with the map’s sandy delights. Now it looks like the wait is over according to this tweet from presenter Geoff Knightly. It’s still not clear whether we will get a release date for the new map during this ceremony, or just some game-play footage, but either way it’s definitely interesting.

It’s also uncertain whether we will see the new vaulting game-play in the footage next week, another hotly anticipated feature. We’ll be tuning into the awards to share anything major with you.

Last week we saw a data-mining Redditor, Bizzfarts, obtain a full image for the new map from the test servers. This indicates this map is very close to being launched, so here’s hoping we get a full announcement in the awards ceremony about potential release date.

In the meantime, i’ll just crawl on back to the abandoned streets of Pochinki with my SCAR-L.

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