Turn Back Tuesday – Face Off

This Turnback Tuesday we focus on a 90’s Nicholas Cage classic Face Off. Directed by John Woo (Mission Impossible 2, Windtalkers, Paycheck), Face Off saw the continued success of Nicholas Cage as he became an A-Lister amongst action stars, appearing in The Rock, Con Air, Gone in 60 Seconds and Snake Eyes all within 5 years of each other. Read below for our Turn Back Tuesday – Face Off Review.

Turn Back Tuesday - Face Off
True John Woo fashion

Turn Back Tuesday – Face Off Plot

Nicholas Cage and John Travolta both star as a baddie and a goodie in this mental, ‘offensively inaccurate according to science’ action thriller about an FBI Agent (Travolta) who goes undercover ‘and the knife’ to appear as a terrorist (Cage) to foil a plot to blow up Los Angeles. Upon successful surgery, Travolta (now Cage) tries to infiltrate a maximum security prison to get his brother (not Cage) to confuse to the whereabouts of this bomb. Oh, I forgot to mention, Baddie Cage wakes up, and becomes Baddie Travolta. Lots of John Woo style shiz goes down!

Face Off Cast

Nicholas Cage – (The Rock, Con Air, Snake Eyes) plays evil Castor Troy and evil Sean Archer. Proving that once again, when he takes on the role of someone either a bit weird and introverted or wacky, he’ll make the performance look uneasy.

John Travolta (Broken Arrow, From Paris with Love, Pulp Fiction) plays a good Castor Troy and a good Sean Archer. Making the acting of this film not all bad. You almost forget that Travolta is seen as a bit of a weirdo in real life.

Nick Cassavetes (director of My Sister’s Keeper and The Notebook) plays arguably the best character in the film because he’s the most mentally unstable and weirdly enough, has morals when it comes to family. I’d want him to be my local drug dealer. Yes you read that right, this guy has directed some of the most emotionally life-affirming movies ever.

Face Off
This guy directed The Notebook

Joan Allen (some of the Bourne Films) – plays the constantly uncomfortable wife of good Sean Archer. Who doesn’t seem to mind him running his hand down everyone’s face?


Turn Back Tuesday – Face Off Review

Face Off follows a questionable and unrealistic storyline with a questionable and unrealistic amount of science poured into it. Just enough to make a stupid person never question if it could actually happen. The initial ‘cutting someone’s face off and wearing it’ I suppose could happen, but when casting 2 actors who have completely different features other than the fact they are both white males, is a little risky of the story-tellers. But luckily, it doesn’t seem like many action-junkies really cared too much. I have to admit, from watching this at the age of 15, I enjoyed it thoroughly. And now as a man in his 30’s, I have to say, I still enjoyed it. Probably because it’s just mindless entertainment. I would suggest not watching it if you’re remotely intelligent and expect a scientific breakthrough on this. I would suggest watching if you enjoy mindless action and a bit of light heartened entertainment.

Face Off

IMDB Rating – 7.3/10

Rotten Tomatoes – 82%

Big Dan’s Rating – 7/10

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