It’s the dream of most kids these days to go to Disneyland right? my girlfriend is 28 and even though shes actually been before– It’s still her dream to go to Disneyland.

But unfortunately in this day and age, with rising debt, inflation and the living wage not growing in conjunction, it’s definitely not within most families budget to take their pride and joy over to the land of magic.

That’s where Microsoft Can help.

A few years ago, Microsoft Studio’s released a game called Disneyland Adventures on the Xbox 360– It was a Kinect only game and because of this it kind of slipped under the radar….

Some bright spark had the idea of remastering the title for the Xbox One and ditching the Kinect only controls in favour of replacing them with traditional controller based functionality– The result? An adorable adventure game which enables the player to explore Disneyland, meet their favourite characters, go on interactive rides, gather autographs, take photos, and much much more.

So lets dive straight in and take a look at the game.

Out of the Box

The first step is to create your character, you can choose a boy or girl with a variety of hairstyles and clothes, I naturally went for all black to match my IRL personality– before you read the review, here’s a video of the first 20 minutes of the game for you to check out.

The Park

Disneyland Adventures takes place in a simulation of the California Disneyland theme park. The park is enormous and filled to the brim with the sights and sounds you would experience in real life. This is the selling point for me, The ability to walk around a replica of Disneyland would appeal to kids and adults alike.

Walking around the park is however the tip of the iceberg; Disneyland Adventures has three main ways to keep busy: interacting with Disney characters, hunting down collectables, and the rides themselves, which we’ll cover in a little bit.

Meet your heroes

Its obvious that one of the best parts of visiting a real theme park is posing for photographs with people dressed as popular characters. Disneyland Adventures takes that concept to a whole new level as you’re not just meeting suited characters, but the characters themselves– The characters are voiced authentically, well animated and offer multiple quests and actions including hugs, photographs, dancing and autographs.

From classic toons like Mickey and Donald to newer creations such as Buzz Lightyear and Stitch, you’ll encounter practically every Disney character worth caring about in this game.

The Characters you encounter will give you those aforementioned quests and other tasks to complete, such as finding Donald’s lost hat or food for Stitch. Fetch quests aren’t normally very engaging, but the authentic characters and delightfully endearing atmosphere here make these tasks a pleasure. Similarly, the game is overflowing with collectables and hunting everything down will take many hours, exposing you to the park’s many nooks and crannies.

Rides and Minigames

So you spend a lot of time in the park itself, the other side of the game is just as fun with multiple rides presented as minigames with 3 chapters each. These include rides based on Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and more. You’ll also find minigames based on real-life rides like The Haunted MansionIt’s a Small World, and Splash Mountain.

The games themselves are all simple to grasp, they range from button matching sequences to vehicle based scenarios where you can collect coins and secrets– one highlight for me is the Bobsled section with Goofy (who ends up stacking it into ice and snow at several points throughout the chapter)

Co-op Play

Disneyland Adventures is a cracking, addictive and endearing fine single-player game, but two-player local co-op makes it even better. The entire game supports drop-in, drop-out play. As you explore the park, the main player controls movement while the second player tags along on autopilot.

Once you start talking to a Disney character, they greet each player and then you both have a chance to interact with him or her. I love this aspect of the game because a parent can handle the potentially complex park navigation but their child still has a chance to hug Mickey, Buzz, Donald and the rest of the gang.

The rides and minigames are also playable in co-op and are made somewhat easier as having 2 players collecting coins and attacking enemies is better than one.

Overall Impression

This game is a fine example of a family classic, it gives kids a chance to run around Disneyland like they’re high on sugar with NO parental supervision yet it also appeals to slightly older Disney fans– Hell, I’m the most fair-weather Disney fan out there and I am absolutely addicted to this game.

The game has hours of entertainment for a focused child or any Disney fans in general and the former is great news for parents everywhere.

I bought this game for my Girlfriend who’s only gaming experience was Animal Crossing and she immediately fell in love with it– A testament to just how magical this game can be.

Where to Buy?

At this point the game is only available on Xbox One and PC, but if we’ve sold you on buying the game, I’ve found the following outlets to be the cheapest

Amazon UK – £23

Xbox Online Store – £19.99   ON SALE £12.99 UNTIL 10:00am GMT 29/11/17

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