Recently the teaser to Incredibles 2 was released, and it got people pretty hyped for the long awaited sequel. Although there’s a fair wait until the movie finally comes out in Summer 2018, we’re all hoping it can live up to the original, and perhaps be even better.

We decided to check out the Top 10 Pixar movies so far on Rotten Tomatoes, and ask if Incredibles 2 can hope to make the list.

10. Ratatouille – 96%

pixarA rat who can cook making an unusual alliance with a young kitchen working is a mad idea even for Pixar, but they executed Ratatouille beautifully. The animation of Paris is stunning, and the story of Remy and Linguini’s friendship is a touching and hilarious watch.

9. Wall-E – 96%

pixerFrom my experience, Wall-E is the movie equivalent of Marmite. People either love it or hate it. I can see why it’s a hard sell for some, there’s extremely little dialogue for the majority, and there’s a slow, subtle pace to the story as the animators build the futuristic world and its characters. For me this movie is a masterpiece, and one that showcased just how far Pixar’s animation had come in a relatively short space of time.

8. Monsters Inc. – 96%

pixarThis is a movie that plays beautifully with the classic ‘monsters under the bed’ fear that a lot of kids have. But it was taken to a whole new level by the imagination of Pixar’s writing team, with the brilliant idea that monsters need screams for power. The sequel, Monsters University, doesn’t make this list. Perhaps if it had focused on a reunion with a grown up Boo it would have?

7. The Incredibles – 97%

Incredibles 2The original adventure with the Parr family became an instant fan favourite. Superheroes forced into retirement was a pretty progressive idea for Pixar to run with at the time, as it was heavily inspired by (definitely not for kids) graphic novel, Watchmen. At it’s core though The Incredibles is simply a story about the highs and lows of a family. That they happen to be supers is pretty secondary. The sequel taking so long to come out is still strange, but we’re ready!

6. Inside Out – 98%

pixarThematically Inside Out has to be Pixar’s most ambitious project to date. Even the pitch must’ve have been a stretch, but to actually execute such a complex vision so effectively is a huge achievement. Psychologists have even commented that it’s impressively accurate to cognitive, developmental, and clinical psychology, and could be extremely beneficial as a teaching aid.

5. Up – 98%

pixarMost remembered for having the saddest opening few minutes to a movie, possibly ever, Up was again a different direction for Pixar. It follows Carl Fredricksen’s emotional journey to Paradise Falls, a place he and his late wife always longed to visit. Although I enjoyed this movie, personally I wouldn’t put it this high. By the time Muntz’s dogs started flying planes it felt like the tone had got a bit ridiculous.

4. Finding Nemo – 99%

pixarAnother visually stunning movie from Pixar, Finding Nemo is an adventure that’s success is heavily routed in its great characters and the actors that voice them. Albert Brooks as Marlon, and Ellen DeGeneres as Dory are a cast perfectly as the odd couple that stumbles their way across the ocean to find Nemo.

3. Toy Story 3 – 99%

pixarReleased eleven years after the sequel, Toy Story 3 was an absolute smash with audiences and critics alike. It offered up the perfect amount of nostalgia for what had come before, with an exciting new adventure for the toys that naturally progressed each character. A much darker movie than the previous instalments, there are genuine moments of terror alongside the funny and heart-warming ones we’ve come to expect of the franchise.

2. Toy Story 2 – 100%

pixarThe only sequel to make the list. Toy Story 2 had a lot to live up to following the success of the first movie. It didn’t get off to a good start either, having to be completely reworked in only a year after the first version turned out to be a disaster. Everything was worthwhile though, as many now consider this to be even better than the original.

1. Toy Story – 100%


Pixar’s original sits deservedly at the top of the list. Ground-breaking when it was released, Toy Story is an absolute classic, and setup the greatest trilogy of all time. To this day Woody and Buzz remain iconic characters of film, and the adventures they’ve shared will be enjoyed by generations.

That’s quite the list for Incredibles 2 to try and slot into then. Especially considering only one sequel has made it so far. That Pixar and director Brad Bird have taken so long to return to the franchise is hopefully a good sign though. There’s definitely no concerns that they have rushed anything, so we can only assume they’ve decided to return as they feel the time is right and the story is a worthy one. With any luck, in a few months time it will have been worth the wait, and there will be another classic added to this list.

Incredibles 2 is due for release 13th July 2018.

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