You read that title correctly, you can now indeed pay ‘Pro Gamers’ to play Call of Duty for you. Let that sink in for a moment

Picture the scene, you’ve just spent £50 or more on the brand new Call of Duty game, you rip it out of the plastic, pop it in your disc tray and away you go. You finish the campaign and feel ready to venture online and test your metal. Then someone comes along and says, ‘Hey! I know you just spent a large amount of money on this game and are probably looking forward to playing it but how about I play it for you? You’ll need to get your wallet out again mind!’

If you’re a rational person, you’d probably tell them promptly where to go.

However, a startup called Bidvine has launched what it claims is the first of its kind service in the UK that offers the exact scenario above, without it seems having bothered to research if it’s actually a good idea. While this has been done outside of the UK, mainly with MMORPG’s such as World of Warcraft during their high points.

The deal is you pay a seasoned gamer who has gone through a vetting process with the company to play Call of Duty for you at the times you can’t, they will rank up your weapons, earn supply drops and hit the prestige ranks, you know, all the stuff you spent money on to do yourself. For a whopping £15 an hour you can have someone do all the work for you so when you return to your console you have a bunch of items and perks you didn’t earn and had no fun in gaining. Then everyone online will think you’re really cool and want to hang out with you… or not. You’ll still be you, only with less money.

What’s actually likely to happen as a result of this service is you’ll pick up your controller, be matched with players of the same rank who actually have that level of experience in the game and you’ll be destroyed, eject the disc and probably never bother playing it again. Or as there will nothing left to unlock, no goals to reach and you’re completely uncompetitive, you’ll quit the game having wasted unknown amounts of money.

There is literally no reason for this service existing other than to exploit people who are bad with money. While you’re free to spend your money on whatever you want, a service like this has no place in modern gaming. Video games are supposed to be fun, engaging, even a social activity, having someone do all that for you seems pointless, in fact, the whole system seems predatory and sleazy.

You wouldn’t pay someone to watch a movie for you and tell you the end, you wouldn’t pay someone to read and book for you and fill you in on only the good bits, that would be lunacy, so why is this any different?

And people say loot boxes are bad….

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