Pokemon Go developer Niantic has set players a new challenge in a fresh event, to catch 3 billion Pokemon… in a week. If you’re still playing and fancy braving the cold winter air then read on!

Titled the Global Catch Challenge, the event launches today and runs until the 26th of November and the goal is simple, catch three billion Pokemon collectively, that’s it, easy right?

As always there are different prizes to be unlocked when the global community hits predetermined milestones. This includes the milestone of 500 million catches, this will grant all participants double XP and drop six-hour lure modules. Next up is the goal to reach 1.5 billion catches which will dish out double XP, six-hour lures plus double stardust. The final milestone is the big one, three billion catches. This will see all the above rewards but this will enable the elusive, Farfetch’d to be available globally for just 48 hours alongside Kangaskhan available in East Asia for 48 hours.

There is also the handy infographic below to help explain the challenge and a trailer Niantic released with the announcement.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and fill out your Pokedex, be sure to use the official hashtag too, #pokemongotravel

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