Theme Hospital is to make a return

Yes, you read that right. Theme Hospital is to make a return, a 90’s favourite of the gaming world is due to be brought back to life and follow the theme of the last one, according to the new developers, Oxymoron. Theme Hospital takes us back to a ‘God Complex’ game where we run our own little world/hospital/theme park depending on the context.

Theme Hospital 1997

It was 20 years ago when EA and Bullfrog Productions teamed up to bring this marvellous game to our PC’s. With a sense of humour and creativity, Theme Hospital became a fan favourite and one which will have a huge following keeping a close eye on it’s progression from Oxymoron.

Theme Hospital 1997

Oxymoron Games have announced Project Hospital to follow Theme Hospital. They have taken on board a lot of the charm from the previous title, but with a bit more seriousness. If we look at the Trailer, you’ll notice the graphics are obviously improved but not overdone with additions of a complex storyline.

Project Hospital
Project Hospital Graphics

One thing is certain is that a fan base is prepared for more information. Project Hospital promises to introduce players to real-world diseases and their cures, in hopes of actually educating players.

Project Hospital is due to be released in 2018. I’m not confident that Project Hospital will allow us to cure Bloaty Head or watch a hospital burn. Let’s hope it’s not an accurate representation of the over-crowding hospitals we have within the NHS.

Feel free to follow the link to Oxymoron’s Announcement Trailer

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