If you’re looking for an MMO in the vein of Red Dead Redemption– Wild West Online could be right up your street.

The game has now entered its early access phase following a closed alpha test back in September, but the current early access build is easier to get into. This beta build is available starting today, but it doesn’t include all content we’re expecting to see in the final version of Wild West Online.

The early access version has a early build of the progression system, and the basic character customisation. You’ll also have access to quests and missions, some of which support PvP.

Wild West Online is due for release later this year, and will be available on Steam. Right now, you’ll be downloading a proprietary launcher. You can pick from three different versions through the store priced £26, £44, and £72 – all of which get you access now, and include a Steam key for when it does hit Steam.

If you missed it, the game’s developer showed a promising gameplay demo several months ago. Check it out above to see if it’s up your alley.

More news on this promising title as we receive it.

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