Good news for all the Call of Duty WWII fans following days of unstable servers resulting in a lot of frustration and social media flaming.

The global dedicated servers have been reinstated, and the war shooter’s much-anticipated PC update is now live.

Announced via Twitter overnight, XP has now been returned to normal progression and global dedicated servers are go—with the devs “monitoring results” for the time being.

In a separate Steam community post, Sledgehammer announced that the Call of Duty WWII’s long-awaited PC update is also live—and that it’s clamping down on cheaters and hackers, much like other online games including PUBG.

“Cheaters and hackers create a plethora of issues in-game and ruin the overall experience for everyone,” reads the post. “We are committed to banning those who exploit the game to gain advantage over other players. However, you all are integral to our process, and we appreciate your help. Please utilise the in-game reporting feature for suspected cheating.”

Call Of Duty WW2

There are multiple bug and general fixes which the update targets which extend to the game’s zombie mode, as well as buffing for a number of the game’s guns– Apart from the Walther Toggle Action Shotgun will deal more damage at “extremely” close range & the BAR Rifle now has a decreased fire rate and widened hip fire spread.

Full details on Call of Duty: WWII’s PC update can be found in this direction.

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