Turn Back Tuesday – Contagion Movie Review

This Contagion Movie Review is part of Boomslang’s Turnback Tuesday film section, where we take a look and review films you may not have necessarily paid attention to when they were out, but might be worth your time if you fancy a slice of the past.

Contagion Movie Review – Plot

Contagion (2011) is a Drama/Thriller that focuses on the lives of Healthcare Professionals, Government Officials and the general public as they find themselves working tirelessly to find a cure and survive from a new viral epidemic that is sweeping the country and killing millions. Throughout the film, you discover it’s journey across the globe from host to host, you follow local hospitals and how they deal with an unknown virus with no cure, you follow the healthcare professionals who are trying desperately to stop it from spreading and you follow the lives of innocent people trying to cope with survival, riots and the loss of loved ones.

Contagion Movie Review

Contagion Movie Review – Cast

Although Contagion isn’t the most well-known film in recent years, it holds an impressive cast who, given the lack of CGI and action involved, have to get by on their acting ability.

Gwyneth Paltrow (Ironman Trilogy, Sliding Doors, Seven) – stars as a simple civilian who first comes into contact with this virus on a business trip, which evidently leads to the downfall of mankind. Classic Gwyneth!

Matt Damon (Bourne Trilogy, Good Will Hunting, Saving Private Ryan) – plays the unfortunate husband of Gwyneth’s character. He isn’t trying to remember his Jason Bourne roots and drive tiny European cars down tiny European streets whilst being shot at, and he’s certainly not a Boston street tough.

Contagion - Matt Damon

Jude Law (Enemy at the Gates, Sherlock Holmes, and that awful Alfie remake) – plays an investigative journalist who has the ability to change his accent from poor Australian to Jude Law English.

Kate Winslet (The one with that boat and the iceberg, one of the Insurgent films but can’t remember because it was rubbish) – plays a stressed out Healthcare person who acts like she hasn’t been laid in years because her life is too busy curing things. A very stressed performance.

Other Actors include:

Morpheus – AKA – Laurence Fishburne

Laurence Fishburne

Monica’s Dad – AKA – Elliot Gould

I’ve seen him in something but can’t remember what – AKA – John Hawkes

Contagion Movie Review

Despite me trying to be hilarious about the cast and their characters. I actually enjoyed the film and its story. To me, it was one of those films that nothing of note really happens, but the story is one of interest. Contagion has received praise and awards for the accuracy of how these events would take place if it actually happened. I liked that some of the ‘stars’ of the film were in danger of being killed off and it wasn’t a predictable film like most seem to be nowadays. If you’re looking for a disaster movie that doesn’t rely on CGI, I would suggest giving Contagion a view. It’s different, it’s clever with a way in which nothing really happens but you feel entertained and quite gripped.

IMDB Rating – 6.6/10

Rotten Tomatoes – 84%

Big Dan’s Rating – 7/10

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