By now you’ve probably worked your way through the campaign of COD WW2 but have you found all those pesky hidden mementos yet?

If not we’ve got a handy list to help you gather them all (33 in total) and get you on the way to that sweet 100% completion and the Pieces of History achievement.


1 Nazi Knife: Head to the end of the first trench you enter once breaching the beach wall, enter the last bunker, the knife is stuck into the wooden ledge within.

2. Compass: During the objective to clear five bunkers, once you clear the flamethrower bunker, retrace your steps back outside and past the neighboring bunker entrance to the open space where another room has now opened, the Compass is on a desk inside.

3. Pathfinder Patch: After you destroy the artillery located at the farmhouse, head into the barn and find the Pathfinder Patch at the far end of the bench.

Operation Cobra

4. Cigarette Lighter: At the beginning of the mission before boarding the tank, turn to the right and pick up the Lighter from on top of the barrels by the group of soldiers.

5. Pocket Watch: Follow the forest path to where you reach a large clearing with the AA Gun ahead of you, on the left is a shed, search the desk inside for the Pocket Watch.

6. Gas Mask: Once you’ve pushed through behind the tanks, look for a tunnel entrance to you right (after a tank destroys the MG nest) and pick up the Gas Mask from the dead soldier inside.


7. Locket: During the objective to capture the church, during the start of the mission you’ll approach a bombed out building with soldiers inside. Head up the stairs and look for a ledge facing towards a child’s bedroom and find the Locket hanging on the mirror.8

8. SS Pin: This can be a tricky one, again when clearing the church and facing the doorway that the flamethrower enemy soldier comes out of, turn sharp right and drop  down into a crater to grab the SS Pin tucked into away inside.

9. Fuel Canister: During the objective to ‘Defend the area’, after escaping the Church go down the slope and look for the Fuel Canister on the right hand side at the bottom.


10. White Rose Poster: During the objective to stop the train, as you sneak through the first house, you can kill all three soldiers at the rear of the house from inside if you can shoot quickly enough and not raise the alarm. At the rear of the house next to some vehicles is the White Rose Poster, located inside a barrel.

11. Dog Collar: The next house you enter after the above, hug the left and enter the room that opens up from that wall, inside on the desk is the collar.

12. Rocket Blueprints: Crawling under the last train carriage, you will be attacked by a dog. Remove the dog and look to the right to find the Rocket Blueprints on top of a crate close to the uphill slope.


13. Propaganda Poster: During your search for Fisher and you’ve passed the checkpoint into the main building, head straight on and through the open doorway that leads into a corridor, swing a right to find the toilets. Once inside you’ll find the Propaganda Poster on the floor of the last cubicle.

14. Liquor Bottle: Another tricky one. Once you’ve regrouped with Crowley and you receive the optional objective to rescue Fischer, (It matters not what you chose to do) head down the small set of stairs and through the doorway, open the door at the far end. Once inside, turn to the right and go up the stairs, enter the office ahead of you to find the Liquor Bottle on a table.

15. German Medal: Amidst the assault on the German garrison, once you’ve detonated the explosives, fight your way to the Garrison. When you come across the wide bridge with an APC at the other side, find the Medal on a crate in an open area.

Collateral Damage

16. Music Sheet: Head down the street after the tank section has finished and go around the first corner to the left and find the piano. The Music Sheet is atop, grab it just as the guns start firing again.

17. Cigarette Carton: Once through the barricaded door and engaging the enemies inside go straight through several holes in the walls and up the ramp on the other side. Note: This is not the one your allies ascend. Once up, turn around and follow the upper floor back the other way. Next you need hop the gap to the room ahead, inside the Cigarette carton is on top of a fireplace.

Death Factory

19. Flare Gun: After driving the mortar team in retreat, head around the back of the truck on the right side of the clearing to find the Flare Gun sat on top of the crates.

20. Food Container: After the mortar strikes subside and you get moving again you find a pilot hanging from a tree by their parachute. You’ll soon after be attacked by another dog, once you’ve fought it off, look to your left into the crashed plane debris and you’ll find the Food Container.

21. U.S Rations: Once you’ve taken out the sniper, take a look to your left as you go back down the stairs and jump onto the metal platform that hangs over the steps. Here you’ll find the Rations located on a chair.

Hill 493

22. Journal: Once you’re done escorting the engineer and blowing the pillbox, look for a soldier slumped down next to a big tree stump, down the hill from the destroyed bunker and find the Journal next to them.

23. Pipe: A fairly easy one, once you reach the first artillery gun to destroy, look in an small alcove to the right to find the Pipe.

24. Bill Fold: After you destroy the first artillery gun, open the door to the next bunker and follow the trench and go around the left hand edge until you find the Bill Fold on the ledge of the bunker opening.

Battle of the Bulge

25. Camera: At the start of the mission, look on the rock to your right that sits behind the three soldiers stood together and find the Camera.

26. Comic: Whilst delivering the ammo box, once you reach the objective you’ll find the Comic Book sat on the right side of the bunker.

27. U.S Wings Medal: Upon receiving orders to Hold the Line towards the end of the mission, you’ll need to head to the right of the trench (towards the enemy) and head up the short slope to find the medal inside a box by a bunker with a green sheet covering.


28. Magazine: During the objective to reach the overwatch position and you’ve infiltrated the base, head towards the second hangar on the right and pick up the Magazine from the crate next to a soldier in a chair.

29. Silver Flask: Once you’ve covered your squad with the sniper, drop down to the area with a barracks positioned straight ahead and behind a small wall. clear the room and look on a table between the bunk beds to find the Flask.

30. German Wings Medal: Once inside the tower, take a look to the right hand side at ground level and you’ll see the German Wings Medal on top of a crate.

The Rhine

31. German Canteen: Another simple one, in the first tower you can access, head to the second floor and you’ll find a wounded enemy soldier with the Canteen on the floor next to them.

32. Beer Stein: Inside the second tower, on the first floor, take out the sniper and you’ll spot the Beer Stein on a table close to the staircase.

33. Letter: At the top of the second tower, look on the crate by the machine gun mount for the Letter.

And that’s it, all the mementos in the game, grab um all and try to hit those heroic actions while you’re at it!

Happy hunting.





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