EA’s seemingly endless list of studio acquisitions is growing with the latest being Respawn Entertainment.

The studio, co-founded by former Infinity Ward heads and Call of Duty co-creators after their departure from Activision, has been bought out in a deal whose total value could reach £455 million.

EA shut down one of its other studios, Visceral Games, just three weeks ago so the move to make a further acquisition may come as a surprise. However A report from Kotaku sheds some light on why EA made the move– as a response to another game publisher Korea’s Nexon– The publisher made a formal bid to buy Respawn outright.


Nexon currently publishes a mobile spinoff of Respawn’s Titanfall shooter series. Kotaku, citing sources close to the matter, claims that Nexon had bid over £400 million to buy the company outright. EA exercised its contractual right to match the offer, Kotaku says, and it ultimately outbid Nexon.

Another positive of the purchase is, the buyout preserves Respawn’s continued work on an upcoming EA game set in the Star Wars universe; EA currently enjoys an exclusive license to making Star Wars-related video games, and any takeover by another company would have to resolve whether or how such a project would continue in production.

Respawn’s Star Wars project still does not have a title, a release date, or revealed game play footage– Hopefully we’ll be able to bring you some news of this once the dust settles.

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