Back in 2013 when the current generation of consoles were released, both Sony and Microsoft fronted intense marketing campaigns to promote their new consoles.

It seems that approaching 4 years down the line, the PS4 is atop the peak of the best selling current gen console.

The PlayStation 4 is just shy of reaching 60 million consoles sold since release– this puts Sony’s flagship console ahead of Microsoft’s Xbox One by a considerable margin: the PlayStation 4 is selling approximately twice as fast as the Xbox One.


Though Microsoft stopped reporting sales numbers of its Xbox One console, numbers provided by SuperData Research indicate that Microsoft has sold approximately 26 million Xbox One consoles (as of January 2017). These figures put Sony in a dramatic lead over Microsoft when it comes to game console sales, painting a completely different picture of the long standing rivalry between the two.

So what happened?…

The cock up by Microsoft in 2013 no doubt had a knock on effect on these numbers– the year that both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 debuted and then launched. Right out of the gate, Microsoft turned off potential buyers with a higher price point and the fiasco over the games trading system which no doubt put quite a few punters off parting with their hard earned cash.

To Microsoft, the Xbox One was envisioned to be your all in one entertainment hub. To Sony, the PlayStation 4 was intended as the best game console ever made.

The difference in messaging will have caused major harm to the Xbox One campaign early on and in many ways doomed the console to years of second place. It wasn’t until Microsoft removed the Kinect and dropped the Xbox One’s price that the console became more competitive with its Sony counterpart.

While the Xbox One isn’t failing by any means, it’s clearly a distant second to the PlayStation 4’s sales numbers — With solid sales numbers of the Xbox One X on the board, will this change any time soon?

xbox one x ps4 pro

It’s hard to imagine where the claw back is going to come from, especially given the fact that the PS4 pro is still £100 cheaper than the Xbox One X– But time will tell.


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