Blizzard’s global dominating shooter Overwatch is gaining yet another hero, this time in the form of support healer Moira.

Dubbed as blending Support and Healing it’s suspected she will slot into the grey area Ana never fully lived up too. A healer that can also do some damage is much needed in today’s Overwatch landscape. Since the rebuild of Mercy, the healer side of the roster has seen a shift in dynamic and Moira looks to add to it in a positive way.

Moira’s abilities are shown in the infographic below, the ability to seemingly heal and damage at the same time looks the most interesting and will have players excited. The orb function feels similar to Ana’s main fire mode and teleportation adds an interesting mechanic to a healing role that’s sure to make for some interesting gameplay.

Doomfist was the last character to be added and despite huge amounts of hype turned out to be incredibly average and a bit of a letdown. Hopefully, Moira can re-ignite the spark of exciting new characters. Blizzard were keen to show off the new healer in the reveal trailer below at Blizzcon.

Also at Blizzcon, a new map was shown off called Blizzard World, a theme park styled map that’s dedicated to other Blizzard games. It’s been met with mixed reactions as it’s not your typical Overwatch styled map, being self-aware and a little self-serving on the developers part, time will tell how it pans out once it hits the PTR. You can see more of it below.

What do you think of both the new hero and the new map, love um? hate um? Let us know your thoughts below

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