FIFA 18 Squad Battles

How does it work?

Without sounding like a jock of the gaming world, I have a fair few close mates who play FIFA 18 Squad Battles as religiously as I (but aren’t as good obviously) and some close mates who don’t have a clue what it is. This brings a mixture of different modes people trial and talk about. I did find it odd that people aren’t aware of what FIFA 18 Squad Battles are and how you can get some great rewards. This is the first year Ultimate Team has included this, and it seems to be very popular. So here’s how it works…

How does it work?

FIFA 18 Squad Battles is simple really. The object of this offline Ultimate Team mode is to accumulate the most points in 1 week. Rounds start from Monday to Monday (1:00 am GMT). You get to play 4 games against other players Ultimate Teams that are refreshed each day, on an offline setting. They tell you the chemistry and star ratings of the 4 teams (you sometimes play 5 teams, the 5th one being a ‘featured one’ with a 99 rated player whose the main feature). At weekends, FIFA capitalises on your addiction to this mode by refreshing the 4 games every 8 hours so you play more. Collectively, you’ll have roughly 30-40 games to play within a week to get the most points from the teams you play against?

Fifa 18 Squad Battles

How do you score points?

Very simple, you are awarded for wins, goals and goal difference. The main difference in points comes from the difficulty you set prior to the games start (I admit, at the moment I can only scrape a win from World Class, I touched the ‘Ultimate’ setting and nearly cried, shaking in a corner). If you lose a game, your points will be lowered accordingly. For example =

Professional Difficulty – 1000 points

Win the game by 2-0 will award you roughly 1000, but win by 5-0 on the same difficulty, you could get 1100-1200.

World Class Difficulty (same team opponent) – 1500 points

If you lose, you could only get 700 points. So choose your difficulty wisely.

Excellent, what do all these points get me?

These points put you in a category depending on how many you get overall. Be warned, this is an interactive Leader-board style format as you’re battling against other people to perform against the same AI teams. So if you complete all your assigned games for that day at 3 pm, there may be people out there who overtake your score. Your position in the world rankings may go down overnight (who I am kidding, it WILL go down).

Fifa 18 Squad Battles

What type of rewards will I get?

It depends on what grade you finish on. The grades start from:

  • Bronze 3
  • Bronze 2
  • Bronze 1
  • Silver 3
  • Silver 2
  • Silver 1
  • Gold 3
  • Gold 2
  • Gold 1
  • Elite 3
  • Elite 2
  • Elite 1
  • Rank 100-1

Understandably this is a long list, and the rewards get better the higher you rank. For example, Bronze 3 will probably see you receive a single Gold Pack and 3000 coins. I got to Elite 3 and received 20000+ coins including 1 Rare Gold Pack, 1 Premium Gold Players Pack AND a Jumbo Gold Pack.

Fifa 18 Squad Battles

When do I get these rewards?

Monday morning at 1 am, for normal people, it’s lovely to wake up and receive your rewards before you head off to work.

What do you think to Squad Battles?

Thank you for asking… In general, I think this is a great idea to play Squad Battles if you’re sick of playing Online against the same formation and the same dodgy tactics people seem to impose upon the frustrated FIFA community. The simple things to remember are this:

  • Play 4 games a weekday
  • Start on Professional
  • If you are up against a low star rating and poor chemistry, stick it on a higher level and risk it.
  • Games refresh more at the weekends

You don’t have to worry about Online games as this is purely an Offline Game mode. Be sure to have your EA Sports account ready so you can trade on the Companion App or your desktop.

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Happy Gaming!

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