A few years back a TV show based on the Resident Evil franchise was doing the rounds, since the initial announcement things went pretty quiet and the project descended into the crypt of the internet.

The series, tentatively titled Arklay, was set to be developed by filmmaker Shawn Lebert and produced by Mance Media.

The project, which had no network attachment was set to follow a detective named James Reinhardt, whose investigation into a recent homicide slowly reveals the scientific conspiracy that Racoon City is hiding. At some point, it seems that Reinhardt may have been contaminated by the dreaded T-virus and would have had to find a way to cure himself of the disease.

All of this is in the past tense because the project was ultimately cancelled when Mance Media decided to reject the project for reasons which are currently unknown. That was the last we heard of the series – until very recently, when the test footage of the show emerged online.

The film footage follows the initial moments of James Reinhardt’s investigation into the murder of his brother, Dave. It seems that a lot of the direct ties to the Resident Evil franchise are either not present in this footage or have since been removed.

resident evil

Given the overall quality of the footage, it begs the question; What went wrong?

We at BoomSlang and i’m sure the wider Resident Evil universe are hoping that the release of this footage may lead to some kind of revival.

You can check out the footage below, let us know your thoughts.

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