Netflix Original Review – Big Mouth

Are you looking for something to fill the void that Rick & Morty has left us? Me too (insert sad emoji). Look no further if you’re seeking toilet humour, lots, and I mean LOTS of crude jokes relating to male and female genitalia. In a nutshell, if The Inbetweeners college/teenage humour met up with Family Guy, you’d be where Big Mouth is. Please read below while I review Big Mouth

Big Mouth

What is Big Mouth?

Big Mouth is an animated series that focuses on the lives of 5 young children making the steady decline into puberty and adulthood. Now, along for the ride is a mixture of weird and quirky sub-characters including a deranged and delusional P.E Teacher (I’m not saying Gym Teacher because I’m English), overly sexual parents and that’s right, you guessed it, a Hormone Monster.

Big Mouth - Hormone Monster


It’s very rare that I allow myself time to binge watch anything anymore, usually because I’m busy working, spending time with the family or more importantly, playing Xbox. But it took me 3 minutes to fall in love with it’s disgusting humour, characters with character and general wackiness (hard to believe Wackiness is actually a real word).

I think the thing that took me so quickly was that it went from 0 – 60 within a couple of seconds, I was caught pleasantly off guard with it’s humour and content. From then on, I couldn’t stop watching and must’ve paused every episode at least once while I laugh myself into a sweat. It is seriously, hilarious!

Big Mouth - Main Characters

With Big Mouth you know exactly what you get, toilet humour and a lot of jokes about sex. The fact that some of the challenges these pre-teens face are very realistic including kissing your first girl or boy, having your first girlfriend/boyfriend and getting drunk for the first time on your parents alcohol. (warning, there are A LOT more graphics examples, but I’ll let you watch it to find them out).

The sub-characters are hilarious and really paint a vivid picture of this little weird community.

Who stars in Big Mouth?

  • Nick Kroll – (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Sing, I Love You Man)
  • John Mulaney – (American Stand Up Comic, Conan)
  • Jason Mantzoukas – (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The House, Lego Batman Movie)

Big Mouth

I’ve given Big Mouth 9 out of 10. But I do feel this is generous given I can see a lot of people disliking the content. For those people who haven’t enjoyed The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, Rick & Morty, The Inbetweeners and South Park, please don’t waste your time, Bake Off is on Tuesday at 8pm.

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