As you’ll no doubt see from the type of content I post on BoomSlang, I am a massive fan of RPG’s and Survival Horror – Resident Evil and Final Fantasy are my favourite franchises and pretty much have been since I was a kid.

I always like to talk about the time of my life when I first played these games, as im getting closer to pension age, it reminds me of a time in my life where the most pressing concerns were hating maths at school and having a bedtime.

gameplayMy mum used to use Mail Order catalogues to pick up most of our games, It was one called GamePlay and was fairly popular as I recall; After seeing a preview of Parasite Eve 2 in OPM (Official Playstation Magazine) it was fairly apparent that this was a game which had the potential to leave a lasting impression on my youth. I was not wrong.

The game arrived one Saturday morning after I pestered my mum for weeks to order it and I was hooked from the second I inserted it into the PlayStation, As the opening FMV started, it gave me a real sense of what the game had to offer, Horrific mutated monsters, lots of guns, magic, a pretty blonde lead character and so much more.

The Game

parasite eveSo lets take a look at the game, Parasite Eve 2 is an “action role-playing survival horror” (what a mouthful). Character controls are traditional survival horror (or Tank controls as they are widely known) with fixed camera pre rendered backgrounds, much like its Capcom counterpart, pushing a sense of dread on the player as they move towards the camera, hoping an enemy is lurking just off in the distance.

You take control of Aya Brea; an FBI operative in their Mitochondrial Investigation and Suppression Team (MIST); Aya is dispatched to the Akropolis Tower after reports of NMC (Neo Mitochondrial Creatures) in the tower.

The Combat is a mixture of real time and RPG based HP/MP systems, the player is free to aim/move/fire at the enemies but damage taken and dealt is in Hit Points; Aya can use several Parasite Energy attacks which deal elemental based damage as well as buffs to the character, these can be levelled up using EXP earned from battle.

Aya can also arm herself with various weapons and ammunition which can be purchased using BP (Bounty Points) at a vendor.

parasite eve 2
Vendor screen showing available weapons/ammunition
paraiste eve 2

The game features a multitude of various NMC’s which are mutated animals or otherwise normal life forms taken over and controlled by their modified mitochondria. Mitochondria are harmless at first, but when they evolve consciousness by mutating, they become awakened neo-mitochondria. The mitochondria generates extreme amounts of ATP energy, causing drastic changes in the cell nuclei, as well as the death of the host organism. This results in mutations such as growth, extra limbs and/or appendages, as well as a rather horrific disfigured look. They also exhibit increased hostility in their behavioural patterns. Most NMCs are driven by the most basic of needs, such as to feed on anything in the vicinity, which usually includes humans or each other.


I don’t want to go into the rest of the plot too much as I highly recommend playing this game if you’re into any of the genres which it covers, Its not a particularly long game but it has excellent plot development and a brilliant story arc; Take a look at some game play below.

There is a sequel of sorts in The 3rd Birthday – a game which I have not played given its PSP exclusivity its something I never got round to doing, Reviews have been favourable at around 7/10 on average.

You can pick a copy of Parasite Eve 2 up on Amazon in the UK for £15 + PP and on Amazon in the USA for $16

Feel free to share your memories of Parasite Eve 2 in the comments, what other games would you like to see us cover in this feature?

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